Best Oil For Cummins 6.7

Optimize the performance of your Cummins 6.7 

It is not easy to choose the best engine oil from amongst so many incredible options. When it comes to your Cummins 6.7, you must only go for the best available option. We have brought you several conventional engine oils to enable High TBN, increased efficiency, and enhanced performance. 

Get yourself the best oil for cummins 6.7. Experience the best in class functionality for your engine and maintain the ultimate cleanliness. 

The best oil for Cummins 6.7 

Product Oil type Viscosity Size Check Today’s Price
1.Valvoline Premium Blue SAE Engine OilConventional 15W-404 QuartsClick Here
2.Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme Engine OilFully synthetic 5W-404 QuartsClick Here
3.Valvoline High Mileage Engine OilSynthetic blend 5W-305 QuartClick Here
4.Shell Rotella T6 Synthetic Diesel Engine OilFully synthetic 5W-404 QuartClick Here
5.Mobil 1 High Mileage Synthetic Motor OilFully synthetic 5W-305 QuartClick Here
6.Delo Synblend Synthetic Engine OilSynthetic blend15W-404 QuartClick Here

1. Valvoline Premium Blue SAE Engine Oil

best oil for cummins 6.7

This is one of the most incredible engine oils for Cummins 6.7. While ensuring the best functionality of your engine, this oil also maintains the cleanliness of your engine at its best. The composition of this oil is very suitable for this specific engine. This oil has an advanced lubrication mechanism through which it ensures the smooth functioning of your vehicle.

Their formulation has been thoroughly tested for its effectiveness in improving the performance of your engine. This oil has been proven to enhance the efficacy of vehicles with emission treatment systems. 

Equipped with the unique Dispersive Polymer Technology, this engine oil avails an excellent control on the accumulation of soot in your engine. The wear and tear of the valvetrain are prevented. The viscosity of this engine oil remains unaltered even when the temperature conditions are extreme. 

Rest assured that this oil will be functional even when the engine is overheated and there is no chance of a cold startup. The filtration of this oil also encounters less restriction as compared to other comparable engine oils. 

This oil is also effective in diesel engines with EGR and DPF. Moreover, the TBN value is sufficiently high to neutralize the destructive agents. The efficiency of this engine oil is maintained for a long time after its introduction into the system.


  • This engine oil is equipped with the Dispersive Polymer Technology
  • It avails excellent control on the production of soot
  • The filtration of oil is also relatively easy 
  • The functionality of the engine is enhanced 
  • The cleanliness of the engine is maintained
  • The efficacy of this formulation has been certified by several tests 
  • The wear and tear of the engine is prevented 
  • There is no chance of a cold startup
  • This engine oil has an amazing thermal stability 
  • The total base number for this oil is very high
  • The use of this engine oil leads to an improvement in mileage


  • Users report leakage from the packaging 


This excellent engine oil is equipped with several advanced mechanisms to avail the best-in-class functionality and the best protection of the engine. 

2. Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme Engine Oil

This high-quality engine oil from Valvoline is known to boost performance by availing ample support to the core system. This is essential because of the enhanced viscosity of this oil. The thermal resistance of this engine oil is very high. It can remain stable in all sorts of weather conditions. Whether it is extremely hot or biting cold, this engine oil will stay functional. 

Out of all, this engine oil is best known for its excellent resistance to weather conditions. This is why it is highly recommended for use in colder environments. This oil remains wonderfully active and efficient no matter how low the temperature drops. 

The startup is fast and the overall functionality of the engine is also improved. The amazing formulation of this engine oil also works against the oxidation that occurs at high temperatures. With the reduced consumption of fuel, the mileage is relatively improved. Unlike other engine oils with 15W-40 viscosity, the increase in mileage for this oil is quite noticeable. 


  • This engine oil improves the durability of your engine 
  • The longevity of the drivetrain is improved
  • The oxidation potential of this oil is low at high temperatures 
  • The thermal stability of this oil is excellent 
  • This engine oil prevents cold startup
  • The deposition of harmful contaminants in the engine is reduced 
  • This oil is recommended for use in cold environments 
  • The overall performance and the functionality of the engine is improved 
  • The fuel consumption is lowered and the mileage of the engine is improved


  • The packaging is inadequate 


This high-quality engine oil from Valvoline is known to boost the functionality and durability of the engine. It is best known for its exceptional thermal stability and is recommended for use in colder regions. 

3. Valvoline High Mileage Engine Oil


This excellent engine oil is recommended for higher mileage. It is also beneficial in boosting the power of the engine. You’ll notice an improvement in the performance of your engine from the day you first employ this oil. 

This engine oil creates a frim anti-wear film over the area of the engine. This factor enhances the durability of the engine and smoothens its functioning. Unlike the other synthetic high mileage engine oils, this one is a synthetic blend of motor oil. It is equipped with unique additives that reduce the friction between the moving parts of the engine. 

The wear and tear of the engine are also reduced. Moreover, certain extra cleaning agents are employed to keep the engine free of harmful depositions. You wouldn’t encounter any deteriorating deposits that hamper the working of the engine. 

The container for this engine oil has a special design to facilitate easy pouring. It also consists of an easy pulling tab and an anti-glub tube. 


  • This engine oil is a synthetic blend 
  • It does not undergo oxidation at high temperatures and does not breakdown inside the engine 
  • This oil forms a reliable anti-wear film on the surfaces of the engine 
  • This oil also has an anti-friction mechanism 
  • The functionality of the engine is enhanced 
  • The power output of the engine is boosted 
  • The mileage is improved 
  • This oil also has extra additives and detergents 


  • Users report that the container is prone to leakage 


This exceptional high mileage engine oil is a synthetic blend and is best known to enhance the durability, functionality, and power output of the engine. 

4. Shell Rotella T6 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil 

This is amongst the most reliable choices for Cummins 6.7 diesel engine. This versatile engine oil is suitable for a lot of applications. Equipped with the reliable Triple Protection Plus technology, this engine oil ensures reliable protection against many harmful deposits that tend to harm the integrity of your diesel engine.

Through its robust cleaning mechanism, this engine oil boosts the efficiency of your engine. The engine is protected from encountering any obstruction and overheating. All the more, this engine oil has relentless thermal stability. It stays functional for many miles and is said to improve the fuel mileage by fifteen percent. 


  • This engine oil is very versatile 
  • This is a fully synthetic engine oil 
  • It is equipped with the Triple Protection Plus technology 
  • The deposition of harmful deposits is prevented 
  • This is a very versatile engine oil and it finds use in many sorts of vehicles 
  • The engine functionality is definitely improved 
  • There are powerful additives for reliable cleanliness
  • The mileage of the engine is enhanced 


  • Users report problems with the volume mentioned on the container


This versatile engine oil is known to improve the efficiency of the engine owing to its advanced technology and superb cleaning mechanisms.

5. Mobil 1 High Mileage Synthetic Motor Oil 

This high mileage engine oil by Mobil 1 is very dependable and much recommended for Cummins 6.7. Apart from providing extended serviceability, this oil also ensures better performance for your engine. You also get much better mileage. 

This engine oil has been regarded as one of the most widely compatible options for all vehicles. Its performance is mind-blowing and it is labeled as one of the best quality synthetic engine oils. There are many additional additives in this oil that prevent the build-up of harmful deteriorating agents.

This engine oil also has high thermal stability. It is resistant to extreme weather conditions whether extremely hot or cold. The general wear and tear of the engine are prevented. Moreover, the functioning of the engine is rendered smooth. 


  • This synthetic engine oil has many beneficial additives that keep the engine remarkably clean
  • It is compatible with numerous different engines 
  • It avails maximum serviceability
  • The improvement in mileage is commendable 
  • It also improves the performance of the engine 


  • Users report that the packaging is inadequate 


This exceptional engine oil for Cummins 6.7 avails excellent performance and improves the engine mileage. 

6. Delo Synblend Synthetic Engine Oil

This premium synthetic engine oil is best known for its ability to enhance engine output. This can be easily considered as the best engine oil for Cummins 6.7. It is equipped with advanced technologies that improve the functionality of the engine and extend its durability. 

Endowed with the special Isosyn technology, this engine oil provides excellent durability to your engine. It also avails the best in class cleanliness. This engine oil also contains dispersing additives along with other reliable detergents. 

All these features prevent the oxidation of this oil and protect the engine against the deposition of damaging substances. The efficiency of the engine is also enhanced. 


  • This engine oil is equipped with IsoSyn technology
  • It prevents the formation of dangerous deposits on your engine 
  • The power output and the functionality is also improved 
  • The durability of the engine is enhanced 


  • The container is inadequate 


Equipped with dispersing additives, this engine oil maintains the efficiency of the engine at its best. 


How much oil does a Cummins 6.7 take? 

A Cummins 6.7 engine can take 12 quarts of engine oil. 

How often does a Cummins 6.7 require service?

You must take your Cummins 6.7 for service after every six months or after covering every 15000 miles. 

How to change the oil in a Cummins 6.7?

You can conveniently change the oil in your Cummins 6.7 on your own. You only require a certain procedure and some specific equipment. 

Set up the required equipment

  • 12 quarts of engine oil 
  • Oil filter cap
  • Oil filter wrench 
  • Oil drain pan
  • Oil funnel
  • ⅜” ratchet 
  • Oil filter 

Follow the essential steps

Step 1: warm-up your engine

You can easily warm up your engine by running it for about ten minutes. This will make the flow of oil easier. 

Step 2: remove the oil drain plug

Before you remove the oil drain plug, check the level of oil in the engine with the help of a dipstick. You can then remove the drain plug with the help of a ⅜” ratchet. Once the plug is loosened, you can turn it around and remove it by hand.

Step 3: set the oil drain pan 

It is important to properly set the oil drain pan before you remove the oil drain plug or the oil filter. This will collect all the oil that flows out and prevent spillage. 

Step 4: remove the oil filter 

The oil filter will first have to be loosened with the help of the oil filter pliers. You can then remove the oil filter by spinning it around by hand. 

Step 5: clean the oil drain plug

You ought to clean the old engine oil from all the surfaces that have to maintain a snug fit. The oil filter mounting place and the oil drain plug need to be thoroughly cleaned with a rag. 

Step 6: lubricate the new filter 

The new oil filter needs to be lubricated with the new engine oil. Even the o-rings on the filter need to be extensively lubricated so that they fit well and tight. 

Step 7: put the new oil filter in place 

Once this is done, you ought to place the new oil filter in the proper position. This can be done by hand. Also, tighten the oil drain plug and ensure that there is no leakage. 

Step 8: put the new engine oil 

Put the new engine oil into your vehicle with the help of a funnel. Heating up your engine will help inadequately circulating this oil. You can then reattach the oil drain plug and ensure that it is tight.

Year by year, what oil type is suitable for Cummins 6.7?

The manufacturer recommends SAE 15W-40 or SAE 5W-40 engine oils for the Cummins 6.7 made between the years 2007 and 2018. 

What oil type should you choose by mileage? 

  • High mileage Cummins 6.7 requires fully synthetic SAE 15W-40 or SAE 5W-40 engine oils. 
  • Low mileage Cummins 6.7 can do well with conventional as well as synthetic blend engine oils. 


We have brought you the best oils for Cummins 6.7. Our selected engine oils are high in quality and meant to enhance the performance of your truck. Get ready for your most-awaited and smoothest experiences on the road. 

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