Best Oil For Honda Accord

Boost the performance of your Honda Accord 

You cannot feed just any engine oil into your prized vehicle. You ought to be sure of its composition and benefits. There are numerous engine oils in the market and not all of them are suitable for your Honda. we have eased your ordeal by bringing you the best oil for honda accord.

We have eased your ordeal by bringing you the best oil for honda accord. Our selected oils are meant to enhance the performance of your vehicle and maximize its power output. 

The best oil for Honda Accord 

Product Oil type Viscosity Size Check Today’s Price
1.Castrol EDGE Advanced Engine OilFully synthetic 0W-205 QuartClick Here
2.Mobil 1 Extended performance Engine OilFully synthetic 5W-305 QuartClick Here
3.Royal Purple High-Performance Engine OilFully synthetic 5W-305 Quart Click Here
4.Liqui Moly Special Tec AA Engine OilFully synthetic 5W-204.3 QuartClick Here
5.Valvoline EA Advanced Engine OilFully synthetic 5W-205 QuartClick Here
6.Pennzoil Platinum Engine OilFully synthetic 5W-305 QuartClick Here

1. Castrol Edge Advanced Engine Oil

best oil for honda accord

This high-quality engine oil is meant to deliver the ultimate power output from your Honda Accord. Equipped with the most advanced fluid formulation, this oil will boost the performance of your engine and smoothen its functioning. 

This unique engine oil is endowed with the special Fluid Titanium Technology that provides it immense thermal and shear stability. The viscosity of this engine oil remains unaltered with the change in the physical parameters of the environment. Furthermore, it avails excellent lubrication for the critical internal parts of the engine. 

The friction between the moving parts of the engine is lowered and the mechanical degradation of the engine is prevented. This oil protects your engine from the general wear and tear and also minimizes the damage by corrosion. 

The effective cleanliness boosts the fuel economy of your engine. This engine oil is more well-equipped than most other oils in preventing the formation of deteriorating build-ups and in getting rid of the damaging build-ups inside the engine. 

The reduced wear, lesser breakdown of the oil, and the decreased wastage of fuel result in an increase in fuel efficiency. The durability of the engine is also enhanced.


  • This engine oil is compatible with many vehicles 
  • It is equipped with the patented Fluid Titanium Technology 
  • This oil has excellent thermal and shear stability 
  • The friction between the moving parts is lowered 
  • The mechanical deterioration of the engine is prevented 
  • The power output of your Honda Accord will be enhanced 
  • The crucial parts of the engine are protected from damage 
  • The lubrication is extensive 
  • The film strength is reliable 
  • The fuel economy is enhanced 


  • This oil doesn’t provide a prolonged action


Equipped with the Patented Titanium fluid technology, this engine oil provides excellent protection to the crucial components of your engine. 

2. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Engine Oil

This high-quality engine oil is well-meant for Honda Accord. While it is quite affordable, it is also very excellent in action. This fully synthetic engine oil maintains the most reliable cleanliness of your engine. The uniformity in its concentration is very beneficial in enhancing the engine’s efficiency. 

This engine oil also contains some special balancing additives. These additives enable excellent cleanliness and astonishing power output. It helps you get rid of all the harmful and deteriorating build-ups and deposits. The cleanliness remands lesser wastage of fuel and enhances the fuel efficiency. 

This engine oil is also known for its best thermal and shear stability. Its viscosity remains consistent even when the temperature and pressure conditions are variable. Moreover, this oil avails you excellent protection for an extended time. 


  • This engine oil is known for its excellent chemical stability 
  • There are powerful balancing additives to ensure the cleanliness of the engine 
  • The service intervals are extended 
  • This is a fully synthetic engine oil 
  • This oil has a high thermal and shear stability 
  • The formation of sludge and deteriorating build-ups is prevented 
  • The mileage of the vehicle is improved 
  • The power output if boosted 
  • This is a very affordable engine oil for Honda Accord 


  • This engine oil does not have any softening effects 


This fully synthetic engine oil ensures the ultimate cleanliness and boosts the efficiency of your engine at a very affordable price. 

3. Royal Purple High-Performance Engine Oil

There are many superior additives that provide an immensely clean insides of the engine. This formula will help you get rid of sludge and other deteriorating elements with ease. The wear of the engine structure will be diminished and the durability of your engine will be enhanced. 

The absence of compromising dirt and harmful elements favors an even better lubrication. Overall, the lubrication is extensive. The metal to metal contact is minimized and the friction is reduced. This also enables a reduction in the useless consumption of fuel. The fuel mileage is thus enhanced. 

The formation of rust in humid climatic conditions is also reduced. There are unique anti-wear additives that ensure a reduction in the wear and tear. So the longevity of your engine is certainly enhanced by this oil. Also, this oil is resistant to LSPI. Moreover, the fully synthetic molecules of this engine oil are versatile in their compatibility. 


  • This engine oil has a very stable formula
  • There are special anti-wear additives
  • The wear and tear of the engine is aptly prevented 
  • It is possible to clean the engine admirably 
  • All the deteriorating elements can be removed with ease
  • Extensive lubrication is provided 
  • This oil prevents the formation of rust
  • This oil is also resistant to LSPI
  • The power output of your Honda will be boosted 
  • The fuel efficiency will be enhanced


  • Users report that the improvements are not evident at the start 


This high-quality engine oil can boost the performance of your Honda Accord and improve its mileage. 

4. Liqui Moly Special Tec AA Engine Oil 

This well-recognized engine oil is widely employed to boost the performance of Honda Accord. The unique formulation of this engine oil enables effective cleanliness. There are several special additives that reduce the build-ups of carbon and other deteriorating substances. The general wear and tear of the engine is reduced and the wasteful expenditure of fuel is minimized.

This leads to an increase in the fuel efficiency. Also, this engine oil has excellent thermal and shear stability. It can tolerate excessive temperature and high pressure. The lubrication is adequate and the metal to metal contact is minimized. Lesser friction means more fuel mileage. Also, the power output of your engine will enhance. 


  • This engine oil improves the overall performance of Honda Accord
  • The power output is increased
  • The fuel mileage is improved 
  • The cleanliness of the engine is improved 
  • This oil helps you in getting rid of deteriorating elements inside the engine 
  • The lubrication is excellent 
  • The metal to metal contact is minimized 
  • The wasteful consumption of fuel is reduced 
  • The viscosity remains stable at high temperatures
  • The viscosity is not altered even by high pressure 


  • Users report issues with quality 


This engine oil is made in the US and is best known for its ability to improve the performance of Honda Accord. 

5. Valvoline EA Advanced Engine Oil

This engine oil works very effectively in boosting your engine mileage. This special formulation removes the various deteriorating agents inside the engine. It gets rid of sludge, dirt, soot, and such other factors that diminish the performance of the engine. 

The removal of deposits makes the engine effectively clean. This reduces the useless consumption of fuel and plays a role in boosting the efficiency. This oil also contains special additives that play a role in reducing the wear and tear of the engine. The reduction in corrosion and wear also favors enhancement in fuel efficiency. 

Also, there are special additives that prevent the overheating of the engine. This factor also favors an improvement in the efficiency and performance of the engine. Moreover, this formulation is equipped with the special SynPower technology that maintains the stability of its viscosity under extreme stress. 

So no matter how hot the temperature gets and how high the pressure, the viscosity of this engine oil will remain the same. This implies, there is no chance of disintegration of the engine oil in extreme conditions. Rest assured that the longevity of your engine will be enhanced. 


  • This engine oil is equipped with several reliable additives 
  • These additives reduce the wear and tear, get rid of harmful build-ups and prevent the overheating of the engine
  • This oil also has the SynPower technology that keeps the viscosity stable in all extreme conditions 
  • This engine oil is very affordable 
  • It also comes in a convenient packaging
  • The power output of your vehicle will be enhanced
  • The fuel mileage will increase
  • The overall functionality of your Honda Accord will be smooth


  • Users report that the container is prone to leakage


This premium engine oil is well known to provide excellent protection to the engine from all sorts of damaging factors. It brings about a remarkable increase in fuel mileage. 

6. Pennzoil Platinum Engine Oil 

This is amongst the best-quality eco-friendly engine oils. You get an increased power output and superior mileage. Moreover, this engine oil is quite affordable. The most unique feature of this engine oil is its carbon-neutral nature. By the means of this feature, the emission of harmful gases from the vehicle is reduced.

Also, the thermal and shear stability of this oil is very high. Derived from natural gas, the viscosity of this engine oil remains stable under extreme stress. This oil serves to protect your engine from all sorts of damage. The fuel economy is improved. 


  • This engine oil is chemically stable 
  • It has a unique eco-friendly nature 
  • The cleanliness of the engine is maintained 
  • The power output is excellent 
  • The fuel mileage is enhanced 


  • This engine oil is known to contain residual substances


This eco-friendly engine oil maintains the cleanliness of the engine and boosts the mileage of Honda Accord. 


How much oil does a Honda Accord take?

A Honda Accord can take 6.23 quarts of engine oil.

How often does a Honda Accord require service?

For the best maintenance, you must take your Honda Accord for service after every 5000 miles.

How to change the oil in a Honda Accord?

You can quickly and conveniently change the engine oil for your Honda Accord. 

Set up the required equipment

  • 6.23 quarts of fully synthetic engine oil
  • Drain pan
  • Funnel 
  • Oil filter 
  • Torque wrench 
  • Oil filter pliers 
  • 17 mm socket wrench

Follow these important steps

Step 1: heat up your engine

Drive your Honda Accord around for about ten minutes. This should heat up your engine and make the flow of the engine oil easier. 

Step 2: remove the drain plug

You must accurately position the drain pan below the drain plug because it is meant to collect all the drained oil. The old engine oil would be at a high temperature so that adequate precaution while draining into the oil pan. You must then remove the drain plug.

The drain plug can be easily removed with the help of a 17 mm socket wrench. The entire plug can then be simply removed by hand. The drain bolt must be stored in a safe place. Let all the oil drain. It will be over sooner than you think. 

Step 3: replace the drain plug 

Once all of the old engine oil has been drained, replace the drain plug. Keep it tight to make a reliable seal but also maintain the integrity of the threads. 

Step 4: remove the oil filter 

Position the oil pan under the oil filter because it will also be filled with oil. Then remove the old oil filter in an unscrewing motion. 

Step 5: install the new oil filter 

Properly lubricate the new oil filter before it is installed. Some oil must be put on the filter seal to create a tight fit. You can easily install the new oil filter by hand. But make sure that you are wearing gloves because it will drain oil. 

Step 6: add the new engine oil 

Now it is time to add the new engine oil into your Honda Accord. You can add 6.23 quarts of a fully synthetic engine oil with the help of a funnel. 

Year by year, what oil type is suitable for Honda Accord?

  • The 2002 and 2003 models of Honda Accord can utilize 10W-30, 15W-40, and 15W-30 synthetic engine oils. 
  • The 2004 and 2004 models of Honda accord do well with 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W-40, and 15W-30 fully synthetic engine oils. 
  • 10W-40 and 5W-40 engine oils are more suitable for the 2006 model.

What oil type should you choose by mileage?

  • For high mileage Honda Accord, synthetic blend and fully synthetic engine oils are recommended. 
  • For a low mileage Honda Accord, you must utilize fully synthetic engine oils. 


We have brought you the best oils for Honda Accord. All of our selected products are high in quality and meant to boost the performance of your Honda Accord. Now experience the smoothest rides on your gorgeous beast.

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