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There are so many engine oils for Infiniti G37 that it is difficult to decide on one final option. However, not every engine oil fulfills the promises on its label. While it is difficult to settle for the one final engine oil for your vehicle, we have played our part in easing your search. 

We have brought you the best oil for Infiniti g37. Our selected products all come from reliable brands and certainly enhance the performance of your engine. 

The best oils for Infiniti G37 

Product Oil type Viscosity Size Check Today’s Price
1.Castrol GTX High-Mileage Synthetic Engine OilSynthetic blend5W-305 QuartClick Here
2.Mobil 1 Synthetic Engine OilFully synthetic 5W-301 QuartClick Here
3.Valvoline Daily Protection SAE Synthetic Engine OilSynthetic blend5W-305 QuartClick Here
4.Castrol Synthetic Engine OilSynthetic blend5W-305 QuartClick Here
5.Mobil 1 Extended Performance Engine OilFully synthetic5W-305 QuartClick Here
6.Mobil 1 Advanced Fully Synthetic Engine OilFully synthetic5W-305 QuartClick Here

1. Castrol GTX High-Mileage Synthetic Engine Oil 

best oil for infiniti g37

Coming from the world’s most reputable oil brand, Castrol GTX High-Mileage engine oil is certainly reliable in improving the performance of your engine. Known to boost the functionality of your Infiniti G37, this blend engine oil is widely recommended for its amazing specifications. 

This oil is meant to enhance the performance of vehicles that have been driven farther than 75000 miles. The packaging consists of six packets and each packet contains one quart of oil. This oil is well regarded for reducing the build-up of sludge owing to an excellent dispersancy system. 

The superior cleaning abilities of this oil ensure that your engine does not burn fuel uselessly. The effective mileage is thus enhanced. The cleaning ability of this oil is supreme owing to the presence of powerful additives. These additives target any deteriorating agent that would cause damage to the structure of the engine. The durability and longevity of the engine are also improved. 

The exceptional abilities of this engine oil exceed the standards set by ACEA and API. The lubrication availed by this oil is extensive and the unique titanium friction modifiers ensure that there is no friction between the mobile parts. 


  • This engine oil can dependably enhance the performance of Infiniti G37
  • The functioning of the engine is rendered smooth 
  • The quantity of oil in the packaging is adequate 
  • The cleaning abilities are superior 
  • This oil contains reliable and powerful additives that ensure complete cleanliness of the engine 
  • The mileage of the engine is also improved
  • This oil also contains special titanium friction modifiers 
  • The lubrication is adequate 
  • The qualities of this engine oil surpass the standards set by ACEA and API 
  • The durability of the engine is improved 


  • This engine oil is prone to burning up 


This excellent engine oil by Castrol is meant for vehicles that have covered more than 75000 miles. It is known to avail extensive lubrication and improve the durability of the engine.

2. Mobil 1 Synthetic Engine Oil 

This dependable and high-quality engine oil by Mobil 1 is known to avail the most adequate protection for your engine. This oil ensures the supreme cleanliness of your engine and promises an increased efficiency. 

The lubrication rendered by this oil is very effective so that there is no friction between the moving parts of the engine. Any wear and tear of the engine are thus prevented. Moreover, the viscosity of this oil remains stable throughout. Even after being used for miles, the color of this oil stays the same. The viscosity is unaffected by the changes in temperature and pressure of the surroundings. 

Moreover, this oil is also very easy to use. You don’t need the help of a professional mechanic while introducing this oil to your Infiniti G37. This oil needs to be changed after every 15000 miles so it might end up being more expensive in the long run. 


  • This high-quality engine oil is very dependable 
  • It is very beneficial in improving the mileage of your engine
  • The lubrication is adequate 
  • The viscosity remains stable even when the engine has been run for miles
  • The thermal stability is high
  • You wouldn’t encounter a cold startup with this oil 
  • The flow rate is fast 
  • It is very effective in ensuring the cleanliness of your engine 
  • This oil is very easy to utilize 
  • This oil can be employed in many different types of vehicles 


  • This engine oil is expensive 
  • The packaging is inadequate 


This high-quality engine oil by Mobil 1 can be utilized in a variety of vehicles. It is very effective in improving the mileage and the overall performance of the engine. 

3. Valvoline Daily Protection SAE Synthetic Blend Engine Oil

This unique synthetic blend engine oil by Valvoline is known to reduce the occurrence of harmful deposits and ensure the cleanliness of your engine. The effective cleanliness further boosts the engine mileage and improves the functionality and performance of the engine. 

For adequate cleaning abilities, this oil is equipped with very powerful additives. These additives help in ensuring full protection against the build-up of sludge and other harmful deposits. Rest assured that all the critical components of the engine will remain duly protected. 

The reduced wear and tear and the premium base oils help in maintaining the best condition of the engine. The longevity of the engine is thus enhanced. This oil is also equipped with a low friction technology that enables the smooth functioning of the engine. The mileage of the engine is thus enhanced. 

Moreover, the flow of this oil at normal temperature is adequate. Also, this oil is not prone to breaking down when the temperature or pressure conditions are extreme. 


  • This is a unique synthetic blend engine oil 
  • The cleanliness of your engine is ensured as the deposition of deteriorating agents is prevented 
  • There are very powerful additives to make the cleaning action very effective and reliable
  • The engine becomes more durable 
  • The wear and tear of the engine is reduced because of increased lubrication 
  • The mileage of the engine is enhanced
  • This oil has a high thermal stability 


  • There are no negative reviews


This amazing synthetic blend engine oil avails excellent fuel efficiency and maintains adequate cleanliness of the engine in all conditions. 

4. Castrol Synthetic Engine Oil 

This unique engine oil is most well-known for its viscosity. The viscosity of this engine oil remains unchanged even when it is exposed to very high temperatures and high pressure. This oil does not deteriorate in any challenging condition and remains functional for the well-being of your engine. 

Unlike most other brands, you can also utilize this engine oil in extremely cold environments. So that you’ll never encounter a cold startup in any scenario. This oil is much recommended for use in high mileage vehicles. Even the noise level of the engine is lowered as soon as this oil is incorporated. 

The lubricating ability is amazing and the friction between the moving components of your engine will be drastically reduced. This engine oil will also prevent your engine from overheating. The general wear and tear of the engine will be reduced so that it lasts longer. 


  • This engine oil has a very stable viscosity
  • It can tolerate the coldest as well as the hottest temperatures with ease
  • This oil does not disintegrate in unfavorable conditions 
  • It prevents the engine from overheating 
  • It also serves as a reliable cleaning agent
  • The wear and tear of the engine is reduced 
  • The packaging is free of leakage 


  • This oil cannot be utilized in marine engines


Castrol Synthetic engine oil has the most tolerant viscosity. It can sustain extremely high as well as extremely low-temperature conditions. 

5. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Engine Oil 

This fully synthetic engine oil provides the most excellent protection against wear and tear and prolongs the longevity of your engine. This oil will ensure an improvement in mileage in all weather conditions. 

This oil is equipped with the SuperSyn technology that maintains its effectiveness in reducing the wear of the engine in all sorts of environments. This oil is not just a dependable cleaning agent, it is also an effective measure to enhance your engine’s performance. You will see drastic improvements in your engine mileage. 

The only possible drawback of this engine oil is the high price. Otherwise, it is very much suitable for high mileage vehicles and for Infiniti G37. However, users also report the inadequacy of the packaging.


  • This is a fully synthetic motor oil 
  • It provides excellent protection against wear and tear of the engine 
  • It maintains the superior functionality of the engine in all sorts of weather conditions
  • It can be utilized in the most extreme climatic conditions 
  • The smoothness of your engine will be enhanced 
  • The fuel efficiency will be increased 
  • There are several performance-enhancing additives in this engine oil 


  • This engine oil is relatively expensive 


This excellent engine oil protects your engine from wear and tear in all sorts of climates. It is also equipped with some unique performance-enhancing additives.

6. Mobil 1 Advanced Fully Synthetic Engine Oil


This fully synthetic engine oil provides excellent lubrication to ensure that the metal-to-metal contact of the engine components is minimized. The general wear and tear of the engine are thus reduced. 

This engine oil is also effective in regulating the engine’s temperature. This oil will certainly prevent your engine from overheating. It is also very effective in removing sludge and other damaging substances. Also, this oil remains functional in very extreme temperature conditions. 


  • This engine oil is very beneficial in protecting your engine from wear
  • It also prevents your engine from overheating
  • It prevents the formation of sludge 
  • It also stops the deposition of any other damaging substances 
  • The lubrication is extensive 


  • There are no negative reviews 


This fully synthetic engine oil maintains the cleanliness of your engine and effectively reduces wear. 


How much oil does an Infiniti G37 require? 

The 2012 Infiniti G37 requires 4.9 quarts of engine oil. All other models require 5.2 quarts.

How often does an Infiniti G37 require service? 

It is important to take your Infiniti G37 for service after every 12 months or after covering every 12,000 miles. 

How to change the oil in an Infiniti G37?

It is easy to change the engine oil for Infiniti G37 on your own. 

Set up the required equipment

  • 4.9 quarts of engine oil
  • Funnel
  • Oil drain pan
  • Oil filter
  • 14 mm and 17 mm socket wrench 
  • Torque wrench 
  • Oil filter wrench 

Follow the given steps

Step 1: heat up your vehicle 

You can easily heat up your vehicle’s engine by driving it around for about ten minutes. This would make it easier for the oil to flow out. 

Step 2: remove the oil drain plug

Once you have adequately positioned the oil drain pan below it, you can open the oil drain plug. The oil drain pan will collect all of the old engine oil that flows out. It is important to accurately position the oil drain pan because the engine oil would be at a high temperature. Only when the drain pan is in the correct position should you remove the drain plug. 

Take the help of a socket wrench to remove the drain plug. Once it has been loosened, it can be taken out by hand. Let all the hot engine oil drain. It will only take a few minutes. 

Step 3: remove the oil filter 

Note that the oil filter is also filled with engine oil so you have to be careful while removing it. You can easily remove the oil filter for an Infiniti G37 by unscrewing it with your hand. Otherwise, you can utilize an oil filter wrench and keep your hands clean. Make sure that the oil drain pan is placed below even when the oil filter is being removed. 

Step 4: Install the new filter 

It is easy to install the new oil filter by turning it around by hand. This filter must also be properly lubricated before installation so that it fits snugly. 

Step 5: fill the new engine oil 

Fill 4.9 quarts of the new engine oil carefully by measuring with a dipstick and then replace the oil drain plug.

Year by year, what oil type is suitable for Infiniti G37?

The Infiniti G37 has been made from the year 2008 through the year 2013. All of these models require a 5W-30 synthetic blend or fully synthetic engine oils.  

What oil type should you choose by mileage?

  • For a high mileage Infiniti G37, you require a high mileage SAE 5W-30 synthetic engine oil. 
  • For a low mileage Infiniti G37, you can utilize synthetic or conventional engine oil. 


We have brought you the best oils for Infiniti G37. Our selected products are excellent in quality and meant to deliver the best in class performance to your engine. Get ready to experience the smoothest rides on your very efficient engine. Moreover, all of these engine oils are quite economical. 

There is no chance of any damage to your engine. Furthermore, the wear and tear of your engine will be remarkably reduced. Your Infiniti G37 will definitely serve for a long time when equipped with the right oils. 

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