Best Oil For Jeep 4.0 Engine

Find the best oil to keep your engine running smooth

Good quality oil is one way to keep your engine running smooth and hassle-free through the years. Quality engine oil can enhance your vehicle’s mileage, reduce CO2 emissions, and extend the life of your engine. Your robust Jeep Wrangler certainly deserves a high-quality engine oil to keep its insides flourishing.

We have brought you the best oil for jeep 4.0 engine. Our selected products are reliable and are known to enhance the performance of Jeep 4.0. 

The best oils for Jeep 4.0 engine 

Product Oil type Viscosity SizeCheck Today’s Price
1.Valvoline Advanced Motor Oil Synthetic 0W-165 QuartClick Here
2.Pennzoil Platinum Motor Oil Synthetic 5W-305 QuartClick Here
3.Castrol Edge Advanced Motor OilSynthetic 0W-205 QuartClick Here
4.Royal Purple High-Performance Motor Oil Synthetic 5W-205 QuartClick Here
5.Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage OilConventional 5W-305 QuartClick Here
6.Valvoline High Mileage Motor OilSynthetic-blend 10W-305 QuartClick Here

1. Valvoline Advanced Motor Oil 

best oil for jeep 4.0 engine

This high-quality engine oil by Valvoline is well-equipped to protect your engine from all sorts of damage. This exceptional oil consists of an advanced formula that enhances the longevity of your engine by keeping it safe from all possible hassles. This oil is especially recommended for Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Best of all, it is compatible with numerous robust automobiles with a 4.0 engine. Meant of Jeep 4.0 engines, this oil goes well with all other synthetic and conventional oils as well. The primary purpose of engine oil is to keep the structure of the engine intact over the years by preventing excessive wear and tear.

This oil will prevent all damage from excessive heat, the friction of metal, and carbon deposits. Furthermore, it has a unique cleaning action that enables protection from sludge. The components of this oil are completely synthetic. Moreover, there is an exceptional uniformity in the concentration of this oil that makes it very efficient. 

This engine oil is well-known to enhance the mileage of Jeep 4.0 engines. 


  • This engine oil is known to enhance the mileage of the Jeep 4.0 engine 
  • The concentration of this oil is superbly uniform
  • It is amongst the best completely synthetic engine oils in the market
  • Its unique multi-viscosity formula works for heavy vehicles 
  • This oil has minimal impurities 
  • It offers all-round protection against all sorts of damage 
  • This oil also has superb resistance to heat 
  • Moreover, it is compatible with many other conventional and synthetic engine oils 


  • Users report that the bottle is prone to leakage 


This exceptional engine oil from Valvoline is known to avail all-around protection from various damaging factors. This completely synthetic oil is proficient at enhancing the mileage of your vehicle. 

2. Pennzoil Platinum Motor Oil

This is widely known as the best engine oil for Jeep 4.0 engines. It is equipped with various specs that avail smooth functioning of the engine in an efficient manner. Endowed with the renowned PurePlus technology, this engine oil is obtained from natural gas instead of crude oil. This amazing oil is entirely synthetic and remains stable in the most challenging conditions. 

Best of all, this oil has a very reliable protective formula. It doesn’t allow the formation of deposits throughout the structure of the engine. As compared to most other engine oils, the cleanliness met with this oil is forty percent more evident. Such adequate protection reduces the wear and tear of the engine components and boosts the mileage of the vehicle. 

The viscosity of this engine oil is quite adequate at 5W-30. It can stay stable even at very high temperatures when the engine gets overheated. This ability to remain stable in the most extreme temperature changes makes it very efficient. This oil is supremely capable of resisting any deterioration of your engine. 


  • This engine oil is known to stay stable even at very high temperatures 
  • It works excellently in reducing the wear and tear of the engine 
  • It is purely synthetic and derived from natural gas 
  • The viscosity is adequate to tolerate extreme temperature changes 
  • This oil is definitely more capable of reducing wear and tear than other comparable engine oils 
  • The reduction in friction between the moving components leads to a boost in the fuel economy 
  • This engine oil will keep your engine parts very clean 


  • The packaging is known to leak 


This exceptionally stable engine oil is entirely synthetic and is able to guard your engine against wear even when it gets overheated. It is essentially the best engine oil for a Jeep 4.0 engine. 

3. Castrol Edge Advanced Motor Oil

This pure synthetic engine oil is best known for its top-quality formulation and superior protective features. This oil will guard your engine against the formation of harmful deposits. Equipped with the unique and patented Fluid Titanium Technology, this oil remains adequately functional even under high pressure. 

This excellent oil has the ability to resist wear and tear because of friction and stress. It accomplishes the goals of protection owing to its superior lubrication. A thin layer of protective engine oil on the moving metal parts promotes its cleanliness. The efficiency and the horsepower of the engine are also benefited by the increased contact between metallic components. 

The superior cleaning action of this engine oil ensures that no harmful deposits are formed on your engine surface. This oil will grant exceptional durability to your engine because of its minimal oxidizing action. As compared to most other engine oils, it offers about forty-two percent more protection against the formation of deposits. 


  • This engine oil will avail you of an excellent increase in horsepower 
  • It will also enhance the cleanliness of the metal portions of your engine 
  • All the components of this oil are synthetic 
  • This oil will avail you forty-two percent protection against the formation of harmful deposits 
  • This engine oil has a very dependable lubricating action that enhances metal to metal contact 
  • The horsepower of your engine is boosted 
  • It is compatible with all standard engines


  • Users report problems with the seal 


This high-quality engine oil by Castrol is best known to enhance the horsepower of the engine. It improves the cleanliness of the engine and prevents the formation of harmful deposits. 

4. Royal Purple High-Performance Motor Oil 

This high-quality protective engine oil is best known to improve the functioning of Jeep 4.0 engines. This is essential because of the very high-quality lubricants in this oil. The all-synthetic formulation helps in keeping the engine parts in the best functioning condition through the years. 

Especially recommended for Jeep Cherokee, this engine oil is also very affordable. Unlike most other engine oils, this oil does not initiate low-speed pre-ignition. The incredible components of this oil ensure that no damage is incurred by the components of your engine. This oil even ensures the protection of the exhausting gas catalyst.

This engine oil stands a class apart from all others. It consists of a patented gas-ethanol blend. The high concentration also saves you against possible oil starvation. The 5W-30 viscosity is adequate in tolerating the extremities in temperature. This oil remains stable in all challenging conditions. Moreover, it is very promising in reducing friction due to the contact of metal components. 


  • This engine oil ensures a very smooth startup for your engine 
  • It also improves the engine horsepower 
  • The effective cleaning action reduces the formation of the slide and other harmful deposits 
  • The hard sealing packaging does not encounter leakages
  • Because of the adequate viscosity, it can tolerate all extremes of temperature 
  • The wearing down of the engine components is significantly reduced 
  • The lubrication is unmatchable 


  • The color is quite off 


This much-recommended engine oil by Royal Purple provides excellent lubrication, provides a smooth engine startup, and enhances horsepower. 

5. Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage Oil 

Endowed with a conventional oil formula, this engine oil is very efficient as a reliable lubricating agent. It is very suitable for heavy-weight automobiles. Also, it meets all the required specifications. You will be amazed by the incredible boost in your engine mileage. Many users report an unmatchable boost in their fuel economy. 

This oil also includes certain seal conditioning agents. Also, it prevents the formation of carbon deposits or sludge. This oil is also known for the excellent protection of engine components from wear and tear and the unmatchable cleanliness of parts. 


  • This engine oil can be used in a large variety of engines
  • It boosts the fuel mileage
  • It provides excellent protection against wear and tear of the engine parts
  • This oil has a conventional formula and it is compatible with many different engine types 


  • The packaging is inadequate 


This engine oil provides an exceptional boost in mileage even for vehicles that have been driven longer than 75000 miles. 

6. Valvoline High Mileage Motor Oil

This synthetic-blend engine oil is best regarded as a reliable booster of mileage. It provides you the benefits of fully conventional and fully synthetic engine oils in one package. The improvement in engine performance is significant and is owed to the high-quality and uniform molecular components. 

The 10W-30 viscosity rating ensures that this oil can withstand extreme changes in temperature and remain stable. This oil will also work efficiently in overheated cars. Also, the container is strongly sealed to prevent any unwanted leakage. 


  • This engine oil is known to boost the performance of your engine 
  • It forms an anti-wearing film on the engine components 
  • This oil combines the benefits of conventional and all-synthetic engine oils
  • It also enhances the durability of the engine structure 
  • The formation of deposits is prevented 
  • There are antioxidants to break down the unwanted deposits 
  • The deterioration of the engine is prevented
  • This oil also remains stable at very high temperatures 


  • The packaging is inadequate 


This oil combines the benefits of fully conventional and all-synthetic engine oils. It has special anti-oxidants to break down unwanted deteriorating agents. 


How much oil does a Jeep 4.0 engine take? 

The Jeep 4.0 engine takes 5.7 liters or 1.51 gallons of the US of engine oil. The gearbox oil quantity is 3.8 to 13.3 liters or 1-3.51 gallons in the US. 

How often does a Jeep 4.0 engine require service? 

While Jeep Wranglers are not exceptionally expensive to maintain, they do require service after every two years and after covering every 20,000 miles. 

How to change the oil in a Jeep 4.0 engine? 

It is very easy to change the oil in your Jeep 4.0 engine. In all, this job requires only fifteen minutes. 

Collect the required instruments and materials: 

  • 5.7 liters or 1.51 gallons of engine oil 
  • Jeep 4.0 oil filter 
  • Oil catch pan 
  • Oil filter wrench 
  • ⅝” socket 
  • Ratchet
  • Newspaper
  • Funnel
  • Rags
  • Empty two-gallon milk containers 

Follow these essential steps 

Step 1: Remove the oil cap

Foremost, remove the oil cap that covers your engine’s valve. Do not remove the cap when your engine is hot. Wait for it to cool down and then unscrew the cap. 

Step 2: Lay down the newspaper 

This will prevent you from messing up your entire garage. Place down some newspaper after putting a catch pan below your engine. Put newspaper under the oil filter too. 

Step 3: Loosen the oil pan drain bolt

Use the ⅝” wrench to loosen the drain bolt of the oil pan. You must be careful to not drop the bolt inside. 

Step 4: Drain the oil

Once you safely remove the drain bolt, the oil will start draining.

Step 5: Remove the oil filter

When the oil is draining, remove the oil filter with the help of an oil filter wrench.

Step 6: Install the new oil filter 

Wet the gaskets and threads of your new oil filter with the engine oil. Once you attach the new oil filter, tighten it completely with your hands. 

Step 7: Attach your oil pan drain bolt

Once you have attached the new oil filter, you can reinstall the oil pan drain bolt. 

Step 8: Fill 5.7 liters of engine oil

Once the above-mentioned steps have been completed, you can fill 5.7 liters or 1.51 gallons of engine oil into your vehicle.

Year by year, what oil type is suitable for Jeep 4.0? 

According to factory recommendations, different Jeep 4.0 models over the years require different engine oils. 

  • Jeep Wrangler YJ 1987-1997: Conventional or synthetic blend engine oil
  • Jeep Wrangler Cherokee XJ 1984-2001: Conventional or synthetic blend engine oil
  • Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-2006: Synthetic blend and full-synthetic engine oils
  • Grand Cherokee WJ 1999-2004: Synthetic and full-blend engine oils 

What oil type should you choose by mileage?

  • For a low mileage Jeep engine 4.0/ below 75000 miles, you can utilize conventional oils.
  • For a high mileage Jeep engine 4.0/ above 75000 miles, you require full synthetic oils.


We have brought you the best oils for the Jeep 4.0 engine. All of our selected engine oils are known to grant several amazing benefits. Get to know the best engine oil for your Jeep Wrangler and keep your beast running relentlessly. 

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