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Find the best oil for Nissan titan

You are probably a motorhead who loves to pamper your car. You are stubborn about finding the best products to keep it running for ages. And you know that your car engine is the core of your automobile. That’s the reason why you looked this up. And we are here to give you the list of the best motor oils available out there for your car engine.

To give you some background on your junker, Nissan Titan is the full-size pick-up truck that was first produced by Nissan in 2003 for the North American market. And the fact that it is still being produced after seventeen years is proof that it has come to stay.

The engine oil is extremely important for the proper functioning of your car engine and thereby your car. Even though the manufacturers themselves recommend the engine oil specifications in the owner’s manual, with the excess of motor oil brands flooding the market these days, choosing the perfect oil for your car engine can be a perplexing and daunting task to many. That’s why we are here to help you out.

Oil Type for Nissan Titan

Knowing the oil type that is ideal for your car engine is extremely important when it comes to choosing an oil brand. For Nissan Titan, the manufacturer insists on the use of motor oil with 0W-20 viscosity. Moreover, they recommend their own proprietary Genuine Nissan Motor oil. As an alternative, they advise the use of motor oil with 0W-20 viscosity and the GF-6A engine protection standards as put forth by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC). Hence, the basic requirement is that the oil that you use should be equivalent to Genuine Nissan motor oil and should be API certified.

The Best Oils for Nissan Titan Engine

 ProductOil TypeViscositySizeCheck Today’s Price
1.     Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic Motor OilSynthetic0W-205 Quart – Pack of 3Click Here
2.Castrol GTX Magnatec Full Synthetic Motor OilSynthetic0W-205 QuartClick Here
3.Mobil 1 120903 Extended Performance 0W-20 Fully Synthetic Oil for CarsSynthetic0W-204 QuartsClick Here
4.AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil (API SN Resource Conserving)Synthetic0W-206 QuartsClick Here
5.Amsoil Synthetic XL Motor Oil for CarsSynthetic0w-204 QuartsClick Here

1. Castrol 03124 Edge Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

best oil for nissan titan

The product tops our list as it is the ideal one for your Nissan Titan because it fulfills all the specifications put forth by the manufacturers themselves. This fully synthetic oil by the all-time favorite brand Castrol is an API-certified product engineered with Fluid Titanium Technology with excellent motor oil strength. It is best suited for engines that work harder due to higher engine pressures, contributing to your vehicle maximizing its performance.


  • This oil decreases engine wear across a wide range of driving speeds.
  • It safeguards the engine for the complete drain interval even under high pressure.
  • It reduces the engine deposit build-up to help boost engine response.
  • This oil offers ten times better high-temperature performance compared to other fully synthetic oils.
  • It offers a sustainable choice as the used oil can be returned to collection centers.
  • It is three times stronger against viscosity breakdown.


  • Some users claim the oil is unsuitable in cold weather.


The oil is highly recommended because you immediately feel the difference compared to the other popular brands when you start using it. This advanced motor oil from Castrol is enriched with fluid titanium technology which optimizes its behavior under pressure. With Castrol motor oil, the car starts faster, the ride is smoother and quieter. Its ability to fight the deposits ensures longer engine life. 

2. Castrol 03060 GTX MAGNATEC Full Synthetic Motor Oil

As mentioned above, Castrol is the trusted brand for ages and your choice can never go wrong. What makes this product unique is the fact that it is not just made for the smooth rides you get on your car. Furthermore, it is made exclusively for severe driving conditions, heavy traffic, short trips, or stop-and-go driving. The product is made with intelligent molecules that cling and provides an extra layer of protection that dramatically reduces engine wear six times better. The oil also ensures the smoothness of the engine parts to ensure better performance. 


  • This oil offers top-notch wear protection on vital parts of the engine.
  • The unmatched level of protection against viscosity breakdown is a sure bet. 
  • It is designed with unique synthetic technology to fight against harmful sludge buildup.
  • The usage offers a high level of fuel economy based on US industry standards.
  • The used oil can be returned to collection centers.


  •   Users have raised frequent complaints about leaking containers


The Castrol GTX Magnatec is their best fully synthetic oil. Tons of research proved it to be more efficient than most of the other brands out there. Apart from offering critical protection of the engine parts, it efficiently lubricates the engine parts ensuring an extended engine life. 

3. Mobil 1 120903 Extended Performance 0W-20 Fully Synthetic Oil 

This brand is a leading name in the motor oil market and much sought after by a wide range of consumers. This fully synthetic engine oil is perfect for your Nissan Titan as it meets all the specifications of the manufacturer. It also offers protection against all possible engine wear and tear. Furthermore, it is testified by many users to be a brand that maximizes engine performance as promised.


  •  The ultimate shear stability this oil features resist viscosity shear down in high-performance engines and transmissions.
  •  It shows exceptional thermal stability that prevents oxidation and high-temperature degradation.
  • It offers superior protection against engine wear.
  • It provides low-speed pre-ignition which supports quick cold-weather starting.
  • This oil improves fuel economy.
  • The usage also increases the oil drain intervals.


  •  Expensive compared to other synthetic oils


Mobil has the best additive packages out of any other oil. The oil can be used without any service needed, without leaks, with no glitches at all. It provides you with exceptional engine performance consistently. This also assures improved fuel economy.

4. Amsoil Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil

Amsoil Signature series 0W-20 synthetic motor oil is engineered for motor enthusiasts who need maximum protection and performance. It is determined to give you the finest engine protection that exceeds the highest industry standards. The improved fuel economy ensures that the drain intervals are extended. 


  •  This oil is ideal for turbos and direct injection.
  •  Its usage limits oil consumption.
  •  It is highly recommended where lower viscosities are suggested for fuel economy.
  • The drain intervals are extended.
  • It improves fuel economy.  


  • This is an expensive option compared to conventional oils.


This brand of oil never disappoints you and knows how to perfect its products. You can confidently recommend it to anyone who needs a motor oil with these specifications.

5. Amsoil Synthetic XL Motor Oil for Cars

This is yet another excellent product perfect for your Nissan Titan. It is engineered for advanced automotive technology, including turbos and direct injection. It is packed with extra engine protection, allowing you to go up to12,000-miles or one year, whichever comes first, between oil changes.


  •  This is a unique blend that protects up to 12,000 miles between oil changes.
  • It protects against oil breakdown ensuring maximum protection even in extreme temperature.
  • Its boosted additive package provides more cleaning power to keep your engine running smoother and longer.
  • This engine oil maximizes fuel economy and recovers power and maintains low emissions.


  • This is expensive compared to conventional oils.


The product is the best choice for those who want something extra for their car. Its excellent formulation delivers extra cleaning power, superior wear control, great performance at a wide range of temperatures, and outstanding fuel economy.


What is the oil capacity of Nissan Titan?

 The engine of your Nissan Titan requires 6 7/8 quarts of motor oil with a filter.

How often does a Nissan Titan engine need an oil change?

An oil change is extremely important for your car engine. Synthetic oil should be changed every 7500- 10000 miles.

How to change the oil in a Nissan Titan?

Regular changing of the engine oil ensures longer life and smoother performance of the vehicle. You will require these basic tools for an oil change. The steps given below can be followed to carry out an oil change in NissanTitan. 

  • Any suggested oil 
  • Oil drain pan
  • Sockets of different dimensions
  • Wrench 
  • New oil filter
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Jack stand 
  • Funnel

Step 1: Position the car on a level surface and apply the parking brake.

Step 2: Keep the engine running till it comes to an operating temperature and then turns it off for fifteen minutes.

Step 3: Raise and support the vehicle using a suitable floor jack and safety jack stands. Keep the safety jack stands under the vehicle jack-up points and attach an adapter to the jack stand saddle.

Step 4: Keep a drain pan below the drain plug and oil filter.

Step 5: Remove the oil filler cap.

Step 6: Remove the drain plug with a wrench by turning it counterclockwise and drain out the entire oil.

Step 7: Loosen the oil filter with an oil filter wrench by turning it counterclockwise and remove the oil filter by turning it by hand.

Step 8: Wipe the engine oil filter mounting surface clean with a rag.

Step 9: Coat the gasket on the new filter with clean engine oil.

Step 10: Screw in the oil filter clockwise until you feel resistance, then tighten additionally more than 2/3 turn.

Step 11: Clean and re-install the drain plug with a new washer. Tighten the drain plug with a wrench carefully without applying much force.

Step 12: Refill the engine with your preferred oil and install the oil filler cap.

Step 13: Start the engine and check for leakage around the drain plug and the oil filter.

Step 14: Turn the engine off and wait more than 15 minutes. Check the oil level and add engine oil if needed. Reinstall plate in reverse order of removal. Lower the vehicle carefully to the ground.

Which is the best oil filter for Nissan Titan?

The best choice of oil filter is the Nissan oil filter. Alternatively, you can use a K&N oil filter, Fram oil filter, or Bosch oil filter. These are the finest brands of oil filters suitable for your car out there.

When should you change the oil filter?

It is advisable to change your oil filter with every oil change. This can effectively prevent premature clogging.


The products that we have introduced in this article are sure to provide you with all that you expect of your engine oil. Choose any one of them without a second thought and the engine of your precious car will thank you. You know your car deserves the best.

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