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For an expansive experience just like the Tundra

Toyota’s Tundra constantly reminds one of an off-road journey experience. For such kinds of terrains and the suggested nature of rides, enhanced performance is necessary for a satisfying journey, and to bring the best out of your vehicle the right type of oil must be used. Infrequent oil change which is the most common lapse could result in the formation of sludge, which is a tar-like residue that can build up in the engine.

Oiling your Tundra at the right intervals can be a critical maintenance cue that will enhance engine performance.  Friction and corrosion are the other two issues that have the potential to reduce the engine potential, engine oils coat the engine components and protect them against friction and corrosion. 

This article will help you navigate through the five best oil for toyota tundra. 

Product Oil type Viscosity SizeCheck Today’s Price
1.Mobil 1 Extended Performance 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor OilSynthetic 5W-30 5 QuartClick here
2.Castrol 03096 GTX ULTRACLEAN 5W-30 Motor Oil Synthetic 5W-205 QuartClick Here
3.Toyota Genuine SAE 5W-20 946 ML Motor Oil Synthetic 5W-305 QuartClick Here
4.Havoline 223393474 5W-20 Motor Oil  Synthetic5W-205 QuartClick Here
5.Idemitsu Full Synthetic 0W-20 Engine OilSynthetic0W-205 QuartClick Here

1. Mobil 1 Extended Performance 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

best oil for toyota tundra

The synthetic oil from Mobil extends its protection to a multitude of engine functionalities thereby enhanced performance.   

Mobil 1 works on SuperSyn technology which aids its protection at high and low temperatures, ensuring consistent performance in all weathers.  The formation of sludge and other residues is reduced due to the cleaning and performance-enhancing additives. This is the major reason for the increased longevity of the engines that use Mobil1 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Apart from the increased fuel efficiency, the oil drain gap is close to 15000 miles. Thus, long service intervals don’t affect the performance of your vehicle. This engine oil which comes with a higher percentage of seal reduces oil burning, exhaust smoking, and also reduces oil leaks. 

This engine oil is highly viscous and hence, will be resistant in the hot areas of the engine thus, reducing wear and tear as it reduces the friction between the parts. 


  • It presents an all-weather performance
  • This oil reduces the sludge formation 
  • It increased the fuel efficiency 
  • This oil offers efficient performance even under long service intervals
  • It decreases engine wear and tears
  • It ensures a cleaner engine


  • This oil is expensive
  • It doesn’t offer protection against leaks


The fully synthetic engine oil offers unparalleled protection for your Toyota Tundra with a high engine response. The high viscosity ensures reduced friction between the metal parts. The other features allow engine efficiency thereby improved the performance of your Toyota Tundra.

2. Castrol 03096 GTX ULTRACLEAN 5W-30 Motor Oil

Framed the cleanest engine oil, this fully synthetic oil comes with a sludge buster and double-action technology known as Unique Tri-Shield technology, which clears the existing sludge and works against the formation of new sludge. Thus, the sludge formation which is a surety when it comes to the tough driving conditions the Tundra will be exposed to is prevented by using this thereby ensuring better performance of the engine, therefore, the vehicle.

The thermal breakdown is avoided as is protection against viscosity. The fuel efficiency is also maintained well as the friction between the metal parts is reduced. 


  • This is a very affordable option for engine oil
  • It improves fuel efficiency
  • The Tri-Shield technology of the oil efficiently prevents the formation of  sludge
  • It provides a cleaner engine
  • The use of this oil shows a commendable increase in the engine life


  • It contains detergent


Castrol 03096 GTX ULTRACLEAN 5W-30 Motor Oil can be termed as a clear choice for your Toyota Tundra. Ensuring a fifty percent more, superior sludge protection, efficiently improves the engine performance and the fuel efficiency as well. Making it a perfect choice while purchasing engine oil for your Toyota Tundra. 

3. Toyota Genuine SAE 5W-20 946 ML Motor Oil

This is one of the most bought products while searching for efficient engine oil. And Toyota genuine is from the parent company thereby works in sequence with the vehicle ensuring optimum performance. 

The premium quality base oil and the additives in the oil ensure lubrication during intensive driving conditions. This reduces the friction thereby enhances the engine performance. It is a consistent performer at varying temperatures as it makes sure of the quicker flow of the oil in colder weather. The sludge formation of the existing soot is prevented while using this oil. Hence it keeps the engine clean and the glands in perfect condition. 

Apart from the enhanced engine performance, it also increases fuel efficiency. The extended oil changing intervals make it easier to maintain the vehicle.

Adhering to American Petroleum Institute standards, Toyota Genuine SAE Motor Oil is lighter than the usual engine oils and uses advanced technologies and new materials to meet the standards.


  • This oil boosts the lubrication 
  • It ensures uniform lubrication
  • It prevents sludge formation and deposits
  • The oil improves fuel efficiency 
  • It reduces the friction between parts
  • It is a lighter oil
  • The thermal stability is increased 
  • The oil change intervals are extended 


  • It is an expensive option


This product from Toyota, for Toyota Tundra, is a cost-effective option even if it comes at a high price point. The oil which uses premium quality additives guarantees the user with the high performance of the engine and smooth performance of the vehicle. 

4. Havoline 223393474 5W-20 Motor Oil


The motor oil from Havoline comes with Deposit Shield Technology. This ensures the usage of premium quality raw materials which includes additives like detergents, dispersion agents which aid in a uniform reach, and antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, and foam suppressor additives that enhances the engine life. 

Engine wear and tear is minimized with the help of additives. The unique technique prevents sludge formation on engines and corrosion. This results in a clean engine and a positive crankcase ventilation system. 

It also contains a shear-stable viscosity index improver. The viscosity is constantly maintained with its high-temperature oxidation stability which the Toyota Tundra will be quite often exposed to.

Havoline 223393474 5W-20 Motor Oil ensures smooth engine performance as it helps keep PCV systems clean.  


  • The engine wear and tear is decreased 
  • The oil prevents the thermal breakdown
  • It reduces sludge formation
  • The oil offers cleaner engines
  • A clean positive ventilation system is maintained
  • The oil maintains viscosity
  • It is a cheap option
  • This oil works against thermal damage


  • None


This product from Havoline is budget-friendly and is also highly efficient at its work. Making it a cost-effective product for all the people who would want to ensure the highly efficient performance of your Tundra. It is also built with premium quality materials and features technology that prevents sludge formation. Hence, providing the user with high performance yet a budget-friendly option.

5. Idemitsu Full Synthetic 0W-20 Engine Oil

Idemitsu Full Synthetic 0W-20 Engine Oil works on the Toyota Tundra to maximize the fuel economy. It combines a synthetic base oil with advanced friction modifying additive technologies. 

The off-road journeys which are frequent in a Tundra can result in extreme engine conditions and subsequent wear and tear, along with sludge formation. Idemitsu full synthetic 0W-20 engine oil reduces the formation of engine deposits. 

The reduced greenhouse gas emission that this offers is due to the low volatility and high piston cleanliness which leads to less oil-burn off. The oil drain intervals are extended by using this.

It also offers high durability in high temperatures and commendable startup performance in lower temperatures. 


  • This oil is known to boost fuel economy
  • It offers protection against engine wear
  • It minimizes friction
  • The oil gives maximum torque and horsepower in demanding conditions
  • It decreases oil consumption
  • The emission levels are low 
  • It is an affordable oil option
  • It is clean and energy-efficient 


  • None


This product of Idemitsu is affordable and ecologically committed. It works with technology that aids energy efficiency reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and improves fuel economy. The improved engine life and functioning of your Toyota Tundra are ensured with this oil.


How often does Toyota Tundra require an oil change?

The regular change of engine oil is what ensures a stable engine life and performance. The frequency of oil change in Toyota Tundra must be ideally done between 7500-10000 miles in the case of synthetic oil. If you are using conventional oil the replenishment must be done between 3000 – 5000 miles. 

How much oil does a Toyota Tundra engine take?

The oil capacity of a Toyota Tundra is 7.9 quarts. 

How to change the oil in a Toyota Tundra?

Follow the steps below to carry out an oil change in a Toyota Tundra. 

Collect these materials for the oil change. 

  • Any of the suggested oil
  • Brake clean spray
  • Oil funnel
  • Sockets of different measurements
  • Oil filter kit
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Oil drain plug gaskets

Step 1: Jack your vehicle

Place the car on a jack stand and remove the skid plate from below.

Step 2: Drain the oil

Place an oil drain pan underneath, and remove the bolts to drain the oil

Step 3: Remove the oil filter

Using the oil filter wrench remove the old oil filter

Step 4: Replace the old O ring on the filter

Lubricate the new O ring and place it in the spot at the base of the threads as in the old 

Step 5: Replace the oil filter 

Fix the new oil filter using the socket cap it tight

Step 6: Reinstall the skid plate 

The skid plate needs to be fixed so that the work underneath is done with

Step 7: Refill the engine oil through a funnel

The suggested engine oil can be filled in using the funnel. 

Step 8: Check the oil level using a dipstick

The oil level must be checked to ensure smooth functioning. 


This article lists the five best engine oils for Toyota Tundra and there are among the listed, without any cons. The oils have been chosen based on viscosity, enhancement of the engine performance, and the reduced gas emissions. These will complement your Tundra very well. The prolonged time between the oil changes doesn’t become an issue with these oils.

They work to make the engine durable, and also make the vehicle more eco-friendly. 

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