Engine Knocking After Oil Change

Why Engine Knocking After Oil Change due to some reason, you will hear the knocking or ticking sound from your engine at times. This might bother you a lot and you might also feel that there is some issue with your engine, but this is not the truth in most cases. The noise made by the engine is probably due to the loss of the oil pressure because of the change.

When the engine is pre-filled with oil, there is an oil pressure present in it that keeps the engine work smoothly without making any noise. When you change the oil and the new oil is filled in the engine tank, there is absolutely no oil pressure that is present in it. It is due to the loss of the oil pressure that your engine knocking after oil change.

Although, this is the most common reason that might be responsible for engine knocking after oil change further in the article we will explore other possible reasons as well. We will also discuss a few ways with which you can deal with such situations. Keep reading the article if you want to get all the detailed information about the same.

Reasons for the Engine Knocking After Oil Change

Clogged filters

After changing the oil of your engine, it takes time for the new oil to get filtered and reach all the desired parts. And if there is any clogging in any of the filters, this will result in the engine making a knocking noise. So, if you are experiencing any such issue with your engine and are continuously hearing the knocking sound from it, you need to check all the filters whether they are clogged or not.

If there will not be the proper and efficient filtration of the oil taking place, the engine oil will not be able to reach all parts and build up oil pressure. This will in turn give rise to the knocking sound made by the engine when the oil is changed and the filters are clogged.

Crankshaft bearing failure

When there is a change of the oil taking place, it is possible that due to the low oil pressure at that time, the crankshaft bearing might fail. If this is the case, it will cause the engine to make a knocking noise when being used.

The bearings are the part that is responsible for keeping the crankshaft in place and work smoothly when the engine is working. But, when the bearings of the same suffer from failure, it becomes extremely difficult for the crankshaft to work properly and this causes the knocking noise. This is one of the common reasons why your engine might be making such a noise. When the crankshaft bearings fail to perform their task, they will also not let the engine work properly and will result in it making a knocking sound while it is in use.

Oil pump failure

If there is an oil pump failure in the engine while changing the oil, it can also give rise to several issues. The pump of the oil tends to fail due to a lot of reasons such as filter changes, low oil pressure, etc. So, if this is the case and the oil pump has failed, this will also lead the engine to make a knocking noise when being used. To prevent this, it is important to take good care of the oil pump and make sure that the engine is also working without making any noise.

Changes in the filter

When the oil of the engine is changed, it might be possible that you also change the filters due to some reasons. A change in the filters also takes time to adjust and by the time it can also lead to certain issues. A change in the filter can also be responsible for the engine making a knocking sound when working. This can be because the oil is not able to get filtered properly and efficiently through the new filter. So, when you change the filters of your engine, you can expect such issues to arise.

Low oil pressure

The most common reason among all of them stated above is the absence of the needful amount of oil pressure. When you change the engine oil, the new oil takes time to reach all the corners of the tank and lubricate all the parts well and build up pressure. When the oil is newly changed, there will an absence of the oil pressure and this is because the oil takes time to do so.

Your engine is being used at that time can make a knocking sound because of the same. Low oil pressure is an issue that can give rise to several other problems in the engine and it making a knocking sound remains the major one.

These are the major reasons or causes that can affect the normal working of the engine and can result in the engine making a weird knocking sound.

Engine Knocking After Oil Change

Ways to solve the issue of the knocking engine when the oil is changed

Check the oil levels

When you change the engine oil, it is possible that miss out on the exact level of the oil that you need to fill in to make sure that the engine is running smoothly. If the oil levels are disturbed and if in case the oil level goes below the needed, the engine will start making a knocking sound. You need to ensure that the oil levels in your engine are up to the mark and that the tank is filled up to the required level. If there is any problem with the oil level, the engine will not work smoothly and will result in making a knocking sound.

Check for oil leaks

If the oil tank or the filter is faulty, this will result in the leakage of the oil. Even if there is any sort of crack or nick in the same, there will be a continuous leaking of the oil and this will decrease the oil level in the tank as well. When the oil level is decreased, the engine will again start behaving in that manner and will make a knocking noise. You need to check whether the oil tank is free from cracks and gaps and there is no oil leakage as such.

Repair the parts

If the parts of the engine need repairing and are failing to work correctly, to improve their working you need to get them repaired right away! If there is any clogged filter, failure of the crankshaft, or the oil pump, you need to make sure that you get them repaired, or else when you will change the oil and fill in the new one, the engine will make a knocking sound. To avoid this condition, make sure that all the parts of the engine are in a good condition, and if not then you need to get them repaired as and when needed.

Change the damaged filters

The reason that your engine is making a knocking sound when working can also be due to a clogged or damaged filter that is not able to filter the new oil well. If you identify the root cause of the problem to be this, you need to make sure that you are changing or replacing the filters with the ones that work more effectively and efficiently. It is important to make sure that the filters that are being used in the engine are not at all damaged as they are the ones that transfer the filtered oil to all parts of the engine for smooth functioning and if this is not the case, the engine will make a knocking sound.

Give time for oil pressure build-up

When you change the oil freshly, the building up of the oil pressure in the engine will take some time. Without hurrying and starting the engine, you need to wait for the oil pressure build-up process to take place. Once there is a proper amount of oil pressure developed, the engine will not at all make any knocking sound when used in that case. The oil pressure is extremely necessary for a lot of parts of the engine to work properly and the process of the same needs some time.

These are the 5 effective ways and methods that you can follow to deal with the problem of the engine making a knocking sound after changing the engine oil.


The engine oil when changed needs time to settle well and develop the oil pressure needed by the engine to function smoothly. This whole process needs time and when there is no pressure build-up, the working of the same will be a bit loud with a knocking sound. Other than the low oil pressure, many reasons can lead to such an issue and we have discussed all of them in detail. You can follow any of the given ways and can get rid of the knocking engine when you change the engine oil.

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