5w30 Vs 10w30

The multi-grade oils are widely used in the automobile sector for appropriate lubrication of the engine and reduction of friction. These oils are different from ordinary and conventional engine oil as the presence of added components for engine care and higher durability make them stand out of the queue of ordinary engine oils. These multi-grade engine oils are known for their viscosity and other protected characteristics that prevent the engine from wear and tear while functioning.

The performance of the vehicle depends on the type of engine oil used in it. With the best multi-grade engine oil inside the engine, your vehicles will provide you with the best performance.

To know the difference between 5w30 vs 10w30, we have come up with the relevant information and facts that one must know.

About the graded oil

Various kinds of oil manufactured today for automobiles are graded oil. The composition of this graded oil is according to the type of vehicle in which it will be used. These grades differ according to the requirements of the engine, type of the vehicle, its viscosity, type of region, temperature, etc. The numbers depicting the viscosity on the oil barrels and bottles are developed and provided by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The testing process is done by passing the oil from certain tubes of a specific size for a few seconds for determining the viscosity of the oil.

The first number is the temperature depicting winter. Another one denotes the hotter temperature. Before these grading procedures, the engine oil was only available in a single graded form. These oils were not able to change according to the temperature and other factors affecting the health of the engine. As these single-graded oils have one viscosity, the number that represents their type is SAE 30.

What is multi-grade engine oil?

There are two types of viscosity grades in multi-grade engine oil. This kind of synthetic oil can be easily used in a variety of temperature zones without any hassle. From cold regions to regions with excessive heat, these multi-grade oils are well-functional in different kinds of zones with great ease. Even in the heat and hot temperatures, this oil will not become thin. The two grades 5w30 and 10w30 denote the viscosity of the oil in winters and other climatic conditions. These multi-grade oils are the best engine oils that promise a high-performance level of the vehicle in different regions with different temperature zones.

5w30 Engine Oil

5w30 engine oil is well-known multi-grade engine oil that is used in various vehicles running out there. This engine oil has a viscosity grade level of 5 at lower temperatures like cold regions and a viscosity grade level of 30 for the higher temperature regions. This oil remains thick and thin according to the environment and temperature of the surroundings.

Specifications of 5w30 engine oil

  • The 5w30 engine oil satisfies the API SN requirements and depending upon the oil’s brand, it is also certified with the ACEA grade.
  • The 5w30 engine oil also meets the requirement of Mercedes Benz specifications that is called the MB approval. Here, certain grades are assigned to the oil according to the perimeters of the quality check.
  • This 5w30 engine oil is also approved by the Volkswagen oil specifications, Porsche oil specifications, and Ford oil specifications.

Benefits of 5w30 engine oil

The benefits of the 5w30 engine oil are –

  • The 5w30 engine oil forms a thick layer of lubricant over the parts inside the engine to provide them with complete lubrication. This oil helps in reducing friction and facilitates in smooth functioning of the engine.
  • It keeps the engine cool and in stable working conditions in case of high-performance load or stress.
  • This engine oil consists of various kinds of components that help in increasing the engine’s life. This engine oil does not allow the engine to corrode and get rusted. This keeps the engine healthy and able to perform outstandingly whenever necessary.
  • The thermal stability of this oil is quite impressive. Even when the temperature changes, it does not affect the quality and state of the oil.

Uses of 5w30 engine oil

  • The 5w30 engine oil is majorly used in light-duty diesel and petrol engines and automotive gasoline engines.
  • This engine oil is mostly preferred for engines functional in cold regions. The flow of this oil is normal and accurate at such low temperatures also.
  • Small engines with stress and workload work efficiently with the help of this engine oil.
5w30 Vs 10w30

10w30 Engine Oil

The 10w30 engine oil helps your vehicle in performing well in regions with temperature differences ranging from cold to hot. This oil has a viscosity grade level of 10 for lower temperatures or winters and 30-grade points for the regions with higher temperatures.

The grade points imply that this oil has a low viscosity grade at lower temperatures i.e., 10 which remains thin in the cold environment and remains thick in the hot temperature.

Specifications of 10w30 engine oil

  • This oil is approved and certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) as this oil meets its standards and qualifies the required criteria of components and quality.
  • The 10w30 engine oil helps cleanse the impurities deposited on certain parts of the engine due to the combustion of fuel.
  • It provides better results and performance as it does not accumulate and form sludge blocking the oil’s flow inside the engine.
  • This oil is seal compatible.
  • This oil is also compatible with various engines after their certain treatment.
  • European Automobile Manufacturers Association has approved this multi-grade oil.
  • This multi-grade oil has an ACEA rating of A3/B4 or A3/B3.

Benefits of 10w30 engine oil

The benefits of the 10w30 engine oil are –

  • The reduction of wear and tear inside the engine is one of the major benefits of this engine oil. While keeping the engine cool and stable, this oil facilitates in enhanced performance of the vehicle.
  • It provides active protection from rust and other corrosive factors and maintains smoothness in the working of the engine. It also helps in increasing the life of the engine to a certain extent.
  • The 10w30 oil facilitates easy and smooth clutch and gear operation that results in the better running of the vehicle and assures comfort to the passengers in the vehicle.
  • The 10w30 engine oil keeps the engine ready for action. With enhanced performance, this oil facilitates in noiseless functioning of the engine.
  • During the fluctuation of the temperature, the 10w30 oil does not lose its viscosity and provides the best performance in varying temperature zones.
  • This 10w30 oil can also be used with advanced fuels like biofuel or biodiesel.

Uses of 10w30 engine oil

  • The 10w30 engine oil is mostly used in automotive diesel and petrol engines.
  • This oil is best suitable for vehicles in the cold regions
  • The active lubrication and performance enhancement can be experienced in the vehicle while using this oil in regions with hot temperatures.
  • The 10w30 engine oil is widely used in various heavy-duty vehicles functioning day and night for transportation and locomotion of goods.

Difference between 5w30 Vs 10w30 engine oil

Both of these multi-grade oils are appreciated for their quality performance and immense support to the engines. The major differences between these engine oils are mentioned in the table below –

DensityThis engine oil remains thin at lower temperatures.This engine oil remains thick at lower temperatures.
ViscosityLower ViscosityHigher Viscosity
Temperature RangeFunctions well within the temperature range of -30 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius.Functions well within the temperature range of -18 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.
UsageUsed in light-duty petrol and diesel engines.Used in heavy-duty petrol and diesel engines.
SpecialtyProvides quick start at cold weather conditions and low temperatures.Provides better functionality and sealing action.


There are several kinds of engine oil available in the market with different qualities and specifications. These multi-grade oils are some of the best kinds of lubricants that provide immense care and enhancement to the performance of your vehicle. Some various approvals and certifications are attached with these best engine oils. The 5w30 engine oil and 10w30 engine oil are multigrade engine oil that is used in light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles, respectively. With these best quality multigrade oils, your vehicle will remain away from the functional breakdown of the engine facilitating a quick start and higher performance.

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