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 For slick sedan rides

The maintenance of your engine is the key to smooth rides on your Subaru STI, a  critical part of maintaining the efficiency of your vehicle. High-quality engine oil is chosen based on good viscosity, lubrication, and cleanliness combined with regular oil changes that will ensure the robust performance of your vehicle. 

This article will bring to you the five best oil for subaru sti

Product Oil type Viscosity Highlighted FeatureSizeCheck Today’s Price
1.Motul 007229 8100 Eco-nergy 5W-30 Synthetic 5W-30Fuel economy5 literClick Here
2.Subaru SAE 5W30 Synthetic Motor Oil
Synthetic 5W-30Recommended oil 5 QuartClick Here
3.Valvoline Modern Engine SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil Semi-Synthetic 5W-30Best performance under extreme temperature5 QuartClick Here
4.TriboDyn 5W30 TriDex Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 
Synthetic5W-30Excellent Lubrication1 QuartClick Here
5.Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil 
Synthetic5W-30Premium quality5 QuartClick Here

1. Motul 007229 8100 Eco-nergy 5W-30

best oil for subaru sti

This premier oil from Motul is designed to enhance the fuel economy. This fully synthetic oil has been proved to increase fuel efficiency by not less than ten percent. Apart from providing a smoother engine performance by ensuring optimum lubrication, it also works towards reducing the noise of the engine. 

The thickness of the oil is more, thus the pressure on the parts is kept low. The amount of oil burnt is less thus the efficiency of fuel is maintained well. 

The sludge formation and deposits are worked against hence maintaining a clean engine. 


  • This oil boosts the fuel economy
  • It provides the user with a quieter engine
  • The sludge and deposits formed are reduced
  • It reduces the operating temperature 
  • This oil avails you maximum fuel economy
  • It prevents oil decay
  • It provides optimal anti-wear protection


  • This is found to be less efficient in the case of old manufacturing


This high-quality engine oil is known to improve fuel efficiency by ensuring lesser oil burn-offs, decays, and lesser emission making it a cleaner choice of oil for Subaru STI. 

2. Subaru SAE 5W30 Synthetic Motor Oil

The fully charged turbo engine of Subaru STI requires fully synthetic oil. The oil will enhance the performance when it meets the specifications of the engine. Subaru SAE 5W-30 synthetic motor oil from the parent company is designed to meet the needs of the engine to enhance performance. 

Providing the right lubrication to protect against fuel break down, raises the engine performance to an optimum level. 

It also minimizes fuel consumption. The engine wear and tear is reduced due to the high quality of the oil. 


  • Meets the engine specifications well
  • This oil reduces the fuel consumption
  • It provides better lubrication
  • It works against fuel breakdown
  • The engine wear and tear is minimized 
  • It keeps the engine clean, free of deposits.


  • It comes in an inconvenient package of one gallon


This OEM oil is designed to meet the specifications of the engine. It maximizes the fuel economy and minimizes engine wear and tear. 

3. Valvoline Modern Engine SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

This synthetic blend motor oil combines the benefits of conventional oil with that of synthetic oil. This makes it an affordable choice with a multitude of features to offer your engine. It is fortified with premium synthetic and mineral base stocks along with additives that improve engine performance, and durability.

Carbon-build up which accounts for the decrease in performance and an environmental hazard while using these oils is worked against while using the Valvoline Modern Engine SAE Synthetic Motor Oil. It comes with an innovative carbon-buildup cleaning solution that protects your engine thirty percent better against industry standards. The sludge formation is equally prevented against so are the deposits that are formed. 

It is the improved oil film strength that helps in the wear protection as it improves the breakdown resistance and prohibits oxidation. 

The low-speed pre-ignition which is a major reason for the engine failure is avoided. Cold temperatures which can restrict the oil flow are prevented using this oil. This synthetic blend can ease the flow of oil at low temperatures. 

The restricted carbon build-up improves the fuel economy and the engine breakdown that can occur due to the fuel loss. 


  • It is highly affordable as it is a synthetic blend oil
  • The additives improve the engine performance
  • This blend ensures the durability of the engine
  • It comes with a carbon-buildup cleaning solution 
  • The oil protects the vehicle against carbon build up
  • The formation of sludge, deposits, and varnish is restricted
  • The low coefficient of friction is made possible due to good viscosity
  • It works against oxidation
  • The thermal stability is maintained
  • The low volatility ensures low evaporation at high temperatures
  • It provides quick function at cold temperature
  • The breakdown due to low-speed pre-ignition is avoided


  • It is a synthetic blend
  • This oil is not the right choice for stop and goes cars


This synthetic blend from Valvoline is an affordable choice that offers many benefits that ensure the longevity of the engines and durability by offering a multitude of functionalities. It cleans the engines and minimizes the deposits, thereby ensuring the smooth performance of Subaru STI.

4. TriboDyn 5W30 TriDex Fully Synthetic Engine Oil


TriboDyn TriDex synthetic oil is a hundred percent synthetic oil that comes enriched with additives that can prevent sludge formation and other deposits formed due to moisture and as a by-product of combustion. 

This highly viscous oil prevents thickening at cold temperatures and reduces the rate of evaporation at high temperatures. The battery drain and engine wear which is common at sub-zero start-ups are prevented. 

It is a high-performance coating technology unique to this oil that maximizes fuel efficiency, minimizes friction, and increases engine life by ensuring maximum anti-wear protection. 

The consistent performance of the engine is possible with the help of dispersing and clinging to the critical areas, ensuring the continuous flow of oil working against corrosion and consistency at colder temperatures.

It forms a self-lubricating ceramic film that provides a coating to reduce the friction which arises due to metal to metal contact. This can repair damaged parts and eliminate wear. 


  • It is homogeneously synthetic
  • The oil has a high-performance coating technology
  • It provides excellent lubrication
  • It protects against engine wear and tears
  • It minimizes friction
  • The high viscosity index aids in minimal evaporation during high temperatures and minimal thickening during cold temperature
  • The operating temperatures are reduced
  • The oil can cling to critical parts
  • It ensures consistent performance under high pressure and temperature


  • It comes in an unadaptable quantity of a gallon or one-quart bottle


This high-quality synthetic oil from TriboDyn is a compatible choice for Subaru STI. The wear protection and lubrication provided by the high-performance coating technology are sure shot features of this oil. This oil provides the vehicle with enhanced performance and engine durability.

5. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil

 Pennzoil’s patented PurePlus Technology converts pure natural gas to synthetic oil. Thus, this motor oil is not made from crude but natural gas hence contains lesser impurities. 

By providing a thicker layer of protection between the engine parts, reduces friction and enhances lubrication. The longevity of the engine life is ensured through this. 

The additives in the oil provide engine protection against wear by working against sludge deposition in the engine. The engine cleanliness is maintained next to the factory level cleanliness.  

While it contributed to a better fuel economy, it ensures that the pistons are cleaner as the dirt is captured with the help of additives in the oil.  

It is an affordable choice and comes with the feature of resistance to colder temperatures, ensuring smoother flow thereby smoother cold start of the vehicle. Also, it doesn’t evaporate at higher temperatures hence, an optimum choice for driving under different weather conditions.  

It also removes the excess heat from the engine thereby preventing overheating. 


  • This oil is resistant to temperature variations
  • A quick cold start is provided  
  • This oil avoids the overheating of the engine
  • It is purely synthetic and derived from natural gas
  • The metal parts are protected well by the thick layer of oil
  • It reduces friction and increases lubrication
  • The oil provides a cleaner piston and an engine with considerable less sludge
  • It enhances the fuel efficiency
  • It is affordable


  • There are reports of increased oil consumption
  • This oil cannot be used on gasoline and diesel engines


This is stable engine oil that is entirely synthetic and can guard your engine against wear even when it gets overheated.


How often does Subaru STI require an oil change?

It is critical to change the oil of Subaru STI every 3000-4000 miles and not extend the drain intervals more than 6000 miles. However, the driving conditions will affect the frequency of oil change. 

How much oil does a Subaru STI engine take?

The use of synthetic oil ensures engine longevity and performance and the oil consumption will vary according to the work condition and the type of engine and will range from five to six quarts of oil.

How to change the oil in Subaru STI?

A few types of equipment are required for carrying out an oil change in Subaru STI. 

  • Jack and jack stand
  • Oil drain pan
  • Wrenches
  • Sockets
  • Any suggested oil
  • Oil filter
  • Oil crush washer

Step 1: Park your vehicle flat and jack it

This is done to make sure you have extra room to work underneath.

Step 2: Remove the oil filler cap

Pop open the hood of your car and remove the oil filler cap, this will ease the process of oil drain.

Step 3: Locate the reservoir 

Locate the oil reservoir underneath and place the oil drain pan below. 

Step 4: Drain the oil

Remove the oil drain plug using a socket and drain the oil. Let it drain completely.

Step 5: Remove the oil filter

Position the oil drain pan under the filter before removing the oil filter. Loosen it to leak the oil in the reservoir. Remove the oil filter then. 

Step 6: Reinstall new oil filter

Use the new crush washer to install the new filter and drain plug. Clean the drain plug, install the new crush washer, and snug the drain plug. Add oil to the oil filter and rub oil around the oil filter gasket. 

Step 7: Fill the oil

Fix the funnel, add the recommended oil in the engine, and replace the oil filler cap.

Step 8: Reset the oil indicator

Start and stop the engine. Clean the dipstick and check the oil level again using the dipstick. If the oil is below the full line repeat it. Reset the oil indicator. 


This article brings to you the five best engine oils for Subaru STI. The selected oil offers amazing benefits to your vehicle. The durability of the engine is maintained well due to the assured properties that these offer. The daily commute and the casual drive aways becomes smoother with these oils chosen for the engine. 

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