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Ensure legendary drives with the best oil

Driving a BMW E46 can be synonymous with driving pleasure,  class, and luxury. These can be only ensured in the long run if the right oil is used and the oil change is done at regular intervals. To keep the insides of your  BMW E46 flourishing, choosing the right oil is essential. While choosing the engine oil, the viscosity of the oil must be opted according to the driving temperature conditions.  

This article brings to you the best oil for e46. The selected products are reliable and are known to enhance the performance of your E46. 

The best oil for E46

Product Oil type Viscosity SizeCheck Today’s Price
1.Motul 8100 5W-40 X-cess Synthetic Oil Synthetic5W-401 literClick Here
2.Castrol TWS Motorsport SAE 10W-60 Synthetic Engine OilSynthetic10W-601 literClick Here
3.Castrol 06249 Edge 5W-40 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor OilSynthetic5W-401 QuartClick Here
4.RedLine 5W30 Synthetic Engine OilSynthetic5W-301 GallonClick Here
5.BMW M Twinpower Turbo 10W-60 Synthetic Oil Synthetic10W-605 QuartClick Here

1. Motul 8100 5W-40 X-cess Synthetic Oil

best oil for e46

This synthetic oil from Motul is high-quality engine oil that is well-equipped to protect your engine from damage. This oil reduces the hydrodynamic function of the oil as it has high viscosity. Thus, the evaporation occurs at a minimal rate thereby reducing fuel consumption. The viscosity also prevents metal-to-metal contact thereby reduces friction and increases the engine life.

The salient features of this engine oil include anti-wear protection, the increased power, and longer life of the engine. The swift oil delivery consistent at higher and lower temperatures is made possible with good lubrication.  Thus, it ensures that overheating is avoided. It improves the engine life as it works towards protection against engine wear. 

As the oil is capable of cleaning the engine, the build-up of heat is prevented. Resuing the oil is possible as it is completely synthetic. 


  • It is highly viscous. 
  • The oil protects the engine from wear and tear
  • The hydrodynamic function of the oil is reduced
  • A minimal rate of evaporation
  • It ensures reduced fuel consumption
  • It decreases the metal-to-metal contact, thereby reduces friction
  • This engine oil cleans the engine efficiently
  • This oil ensures a quick cold start
  • It improves the engine response
  • It avoids heat build-up thereby works against overheating. 


  • This is not ideal for aviation engines


This synthetic engine oil works well for E46 engines. It ensures functionalities that improve the engine response. The consistent and adaptable performance at high and low temperature increases the efficiency of the vehicle.

2. Castrol TWS Motorsport SAE 10W-60 Synthetic Engine Oil

This pure synthetic engine oil from Castrol is best known for its top-quality formulation and superior protective features. This oil will guard your engine against the formation of harmful deposits. Equipped with the unique and patented Fluid Titanium Technology, this oil functions efficiently at high temperatures. 

It works against friction by doubling the film strength thereby preventing the oil from a break down as well. This will ensure minimal wear and tear of the engine. 

The mentioned viscosity will help the vehicle to perform smooth functions at low and high temperatures. For the engines that witness a continuous work environment, which increases the pressure on the engine, this oil works to increase the performance. 


  • All the components of this oil are synthetic
  • The oil boosts the performance of the engine
  • Due to the high viscosity, it will ensure consistent performance at all temperatures.
  • The oil film strength is lofty
  • It reduces the friction between the metal parts
  • It will boost the performance of the engine at extreme working conditions


  • It is slightly over-priced


This oil offers an exceptional boost in engine performance while working at high or low temperatures. It thus ensures engine longevity. 

3. Castrol 06249 Edge 5W-40 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

This is another premium oil from Castrol that is compatible with the  E46 engines. Best known for its features that aid protection of the engine when compared to conventional and blended oils. 

Fortified with Titanium, through the fluid titanium technology, it works efficiently under high pressure. The friction and the metal-to-metal contact which increases with the pressure are tremendously brought down with the help of this oil. It is the high adaptability of the oil under pressure that makes it an optimum choice. 

This in turn increases the engine life, protects it against wear and tear. The fuel efficiency and mileage are increased as well. 

As compared to other engine oils, it offers close to forty-two percent more protection against the formation of deposits thus assuring maximum engine performance.  

This fully synthetic oil will work towards improving horsepower. The consistency and smoothness in performance are maintained at temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 


  • It offers an unmatchable performance under high pressure
  • The oil is fortified with titanium
  • It is highly adaptable under high pressure
  • The oil works against engine damages
  • It reduces friction and metal to metal contact
  • The oil is compatible with different engine types
  • This oil prevents deposit and sludge formation


  • It is an expensive option


This synthetic oil works well for the E46 engine. It boosts the fuel economy and mileage even under high pressure due to the highly adaptable nature of the oil.

4. Red Line 5W30 Synthetic Engine Oil

This popular choice from Red Line is best suited for E46 engines. The unique features of the oil work towards the efficient performance of the vehicle. The fully synthetic ester formula is a highlighted feature of this oil. 

It comes with good viscosity that reduces friction and creates higher resistance to evaporation. The low coefficient of friction is a major reason for its superior engine wear protection. The high-temperature resistance complements the oxidation stability

It keeps the engine clean by removing the dirt and preventing possible sludge formation. 

The oil has a ring seal that protects the horsepower. The efficient fuel burn and the minimalized evaporation contribute to the enhanced fuel efficiency. The oil drain intervals are also extended. 


  • It comes with a fully synthetic ester formula
  • The viscosity of the oil adds to the protective nature the oil offers
  • It is resistant to high temperatures
  • The oil also shows oxidation stability
  • The friction is reduced that it reduces the wear and tear of the engine
  • It boosts the horsepower of the engine
  • It provides unsurpassed fuel efficiency
  • The oil usage extends the drain interval


  • Available as a gallon, this oil is expensive


This engine oil with unique additives offers complete engine protection and offers an enhanced fuel economy, as the evaporation and the oxidation is minimized. 

5. BMW M Twinpower Turbo 10W-60 Synthetic Oil

This premium oil from the parent company offers a sustainable performance of your E 46. It is an apt choice that adapts well to the properties of the BMW engines and ensures a smoother ride. 

The efficiency of the oil can be sighted in the various properties it holds. 

Unlike the usual engine oils which are based on crude oil,  the BMW M Twinpower Turbo is based on natural gas. Thus, the oil is clearer with little or no impurities. This will ensure a cleaner engine from the beginning, added to the enhanced cleanliness it offers otherwise.  

Protection against corrosion and minimizing the deposit and sludge formation is a highlighted feature as it comes with patented technology for the same. Thus, the cleanliness of the engine is maintained well. This aids in prolonging the life of the engine. 

The viscosity of the oil is improved, which reduces the friction, and provides a quick cold start, thereby ensuring consistent performance.

The evaporation rate is also reduced which will improve the fuel efficiency as the consumption is tremendously reduced.


  • It comes with patented technology for a clean engine
  • The oil is formulated from natural gas
  • The presence of impurities are minimal
  • The oil minimizes the deposit formation
  • It works against corrosion 
  • The oil has an enhanced viscosity
  • It reduces the friction
  • The low volatility reduces the rate of evaporation
  • This oil will avail maximum fuel efficiency
  • It ensures a quick cold start
  • The oil offers consistent performance 
  • It offers efficient engine performance
  • The oil efficiently meets the specifications of the mentioned engine


  • It can turn out to be an expensive option


This product from BMW is designed specifically for E 46. The features and the technology enhances the efficiency and the performance of the engine. The proficiency of maintaining a prolonged engine life is a salient feature while using this oil. 


How often does an E 46 require an oil change?

The oil service in E 46 must happen every 5000 miles. It can be extended in the case of using premier oils that extend the oil drain intervals. 

How much oil does an E46 engine take?

An E46 engine takes roughly 6.9 quarts of oil. Filling the oil must be done with utmost care as overfilling the oil can result in damaging the catalytic converters. The changing of oil can be done by making a note of the yellow oil light and the red oil light that indicates the oil level and the oil pressure respectively. 

How to change the oil in E 46 engines?

Changing the engine oil regularly ensures longer life and smoother performance of the vehicle. You will require these basic tools for an oil change. The steps given below can be followed to carry out an oil change in E 46. 

  • Any suggested oil 
  • Oil drain pan
  • Sockets of different dimensions
  • Wrench 
  • New oil filter
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Jack stand 
  • Funnel

Step 1: Engage your brakes and jack your vehicle

Place the car on the jack stand. Jack up the front to access the drain plug. Also, the engine bay.

Step 2: Run the engine

This is to make sure that the temperature is increased and ensure the oil flow.  

Step 3: Locate the drain plug

This is underneath the car, a socket can be used to loosen the bolts

Step 4: Drain the oil

Place the oil drain pan underneath, unscrew the oil drain bolt completely. Let the oil drain.

Step 5: Locate the Throttle Position Sensor and  Oil Filter Housing

The Throttle Position Sensor is right above the Oil Filter Housing. Unplug the sensor and unbolt the oil filter cap using a socket. 

Step 6: Replug the drain plug

The oil drain plug needs to be reinstalled along with a new crush washer. Since the drain plug is hollow do not over tighten it. 

Step 7: Remove the oil filter

The old oil filter needs to be removed and replaced with the new one. So are the O rings and the washers. 

Step 8: Replace the oil filter

Replace the old with the new filter and remember to change the O ring. In order to avoid dry start-up after the oil change, saturate the Oil Filter House with 0.75 liters of oil. Plug the Throttle Position Sensor back. 

Step 9: Refill the engine oil

Using a funnel pour the oil into the engine. After the fill, run the oil to operating temperature. 

Step 10: Check the oil level and reset

Use the dipstick to check the oil level. After the correct level is achieved, reset the service indicators as well. 


This article lists the five best engine oils for E46. The ones that perform unsurpassed engine functionalities. The oils have been chosen based on the viscosity, the synthetic nature, and the enhanced performance of the engine. These oils will complement your E 46 very well. They also ensure consistent performance at extreme temperature conditions. Get to know the best for your beast.

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