Best Oil For Hyundai Sonata

For smoother daily rides

This sedan is a popular choice for all-around driving and daily commuting this continuous on-road experience can result in the faster aging of your engine. This can be prevented by regular oil changes for your engine, which could be a fully synthetic, synthetic blend, high mileage, or the conventional oil change depending on the type of engine of your Hyundai Sonata.

While synthetic oil comes along with a lot of benefits, like greater viscosity, resistance to thermal breakdowns, and sludge formation which is unlikely in conventional oils. Similar are the benefits of using a synthetic blend oil which comes at a lower price point along with the benefits. The type of oil which can be used for Hyundai Sonata depends on the climate in which it is commonly driven. Though 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30 are the recommended oils, 10W-30 is recommended in mild climates, while at temperatures below freezing 5W-30 is the opted version.   

This article will help you navigate through the five best oil for hyundai sonata which will enhance the life of your engine and the performance of your vehicle. 

Product Oil type Viscosity SizeCheck Today’s Price
1.Pennzoil – 550046126 Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor OilSynthetic 5W-30 5 QuartClick Here
2.Castrol 03083 Edge 5W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor OilSynthetic 5W-205 QuartClick Here
3.RAVENOL J1A1567-005 DXG 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Motor OilSynthetic 5W-305 QuartClick Here
4.HAVOLINE 223507474 PRO DS Full Synthetic 5W-30 OilSynthetic 5W-305 QuartClick Here
5.Castrol EDGE High Mileage 10W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor OilSynthetic10W-30 5 QuartClick Here

1. Pennzoil – 550046126 Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil

best oil for hyundai sonata

PurePlus Technology is Pennzoil’s patented gas to liquid technology that converts pure natural gas to synthetic oil. Thus, this motor oil is not made from crude but natural gas hence contains lesser impurities. 

The additives in the oil provide engine protection against wear by working against sludge deposition in the engine. It reduces the metal to metal contact thereby reducing friction. 

It contributes to a better fuel economy as well. The pistons are cleaner as the dirt is captured with the help of additives in the oil.

Pennzoil – 550046126 Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil protects against low-speed pre-ignition which is an abnormal combustion phenomenon. It also aids to provide a swift start at cold temperatures as the oil flows faster at cold temperatures providing quick lubrication. It doesn’t evaporate at higher temperatures as well. 


  • This oil contains fewer impurities than crude based oils
  • It is synthetic and derived from natural gas 
  • This engine oil enhances the fuel economy
  • This oil is more capable of reducing wear and tear than other comparable engine oils
  • It protects against low-speed pre-ignition
  • It has dependable lubrication that provides quick action at a colder temperature
  • This oil protects the extremely hot climate
  • The oil works towards enhanced performance in a colder climate
  • It is an affordable choice


  • The packaging is prone to leaks


This fully synthetic engine oil from Pennzoil is a powerful option for Hyundai Sonata. This version of engine oil is the most preferred when driving in regions with temperatures below freezing point. With enhanced fuel efficiency and engine performance, this is a clean oil synthesized from natural gas instead of crude oil. The optimum functioning at both high and low temperatures makes it an excellent choice. 

2. Castrol 03083 Edge 5W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

The premium oil variant from Castrol is suited for the normal driving conditions of your Sonata. It ensures the vehicle’s strength under extreme pressure. Engineered with Titanium fluid technology, it works in tandem with the pressure the vehicle is faced with and improves the performance accordingly. 

The metal-to-metal contact which is directly proportional to the increased driving speed is optimized by using oil.  It reduces the friction by increasing the oil interface between the metal parts hence, reducing the wear and tear of the engine. 

The horsepower of the engine is enhanced so is the increased response of the engine even after extended oil change intervals as it prevents sludge formation.  

It does a noteworthy work of viscosity control. The noise of the engine is minimized. 


  • This engine oil offers maximum engine strength under extreme pressure
  • The nature of the oil decreases metal to metal contact
  • The oil reduces friction
  • The decreased friction works against engine wear and tear
  • It tremendously reduces the sludge formation
  • It is an affordable choice 
  • The optimum viscosity control tolerates the temperature change
  • It offers a quieter engine
  • The functionalities increase mileage


  • It can form sludge after 50,000 miles


This premium synthetic oil from Castrol is an affordable choice that ensures the good performance of the engine. The friction modifiers and the viscosity index improvers complement the engine protection and smooth functioning. It tremendously increases the vehicle mileage hence the fuel efficiency is maintained. 

3. RAVENOL J1A1567-005 DXG 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

This low-viscosity engine oil from Ravenol is designed based on CleanSynto technology and is designed for passenger cars. The engine oil is based on  Polyalphaolefin (PAO) along with trinuclear molybdenum, tungsten, and OFM (Organic Friction Modifiers).

The high viscosity stability is achieved with the help of USVO technology avoiding the disadvantages of polymeric viscosity improvers. Thus the performance of the engine and cleanliness of the engine is guaranteed. The fewer oil deposits in the piston ring make it a cleaner fuel. 

It is the USVO technology that allows faster lubrication and makes the engine resistant to oxidation and oil loss during the change interval. The lubrication is ensured at high temperatures The trouble to start at the cold temperature is avoided as it ensures optimum lubrication when functioning under low temperatures.

This fully synthetic oil uses the properties of tungsten to smooth the engine surface hence again aids in reducing the friction and improving efficiency.  

The reduced emissions and fuel consumption makes it an eco-friendly choice. 


  • It minimizes loss of oil
  • The high viscosity stability works
  • The cold start lubrication ensures a quick start at low temperatures
  • The low evaporation at high temperature prevents oil loss
  • The oxidation stability is improved
  • The oil consumption is tremendously reduced 
  • It offers an improved fuel economy
  • This engine oil will keep the engine parts and the pistons cleaner


  • This is an expensive option


The fully synthetic engine oil offers unparalleled protection for your Hyundai Sonata with a high engine response. This too enhances the performance of the vehicles in cold temperatures.  The high viscosity stability ensures reduced friction between the metal parts. The latest technologies and the organic friction modifiers neatly complement the engine performance enhancement and fuel efficiency.  

4. HAVOLINE 223507474 PRO DS Full Synthetic 5W-30 Oil

The motor oil from Havoline comes with Deposit Shield Technology. This ensures the usage of premium quality raw materials which includes additives like detergents, dispersion agents which aid in a uniform reach, and antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, and foam suppressor additives that enhances the engine life.

Engine wear and tear is minimized with the help of additives. The unique technique prevents sludge formation on engines and corrosion. This results in a clean engine and thereby an extended engine life. 

The volatility and stability of the base materials in this synthetic oil make it consume less oil hence, fuel-efficient and a swift performer in cold weather conditions. 


  • The oil works against engine wear and tear
  • It prevents thermal breakdown and damage
  • The reduced sludge formation provides cleaner engines
  • A clean positive ventilation system is created 
  • It maintains viscosity
  • The oil gives fast lubrication
  • It decreases oxidation
  • The higher viscosity control tolerates the temperature changes 
  • Its usage results in extended oil change intervals 


  • None


This product from Havoline is budget-friendly and is also highly efficient at its work. Making it an affordable product for the people who would want to ensure the highly efficient performance of your Hyundai Sonata. It is also built with premium quality materials and features technology that prevents sludge formation. Hence, providing the user with high performance through a budget-friendly option.

5. Castrol EDGE High Mileage 10W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

This is the most recommended synthetic oil for Hyundai Sonata for milder climates. The oil comes with properties that enhance the performance of the engine and thereby the vehicle at milder temperatures. 

Developed using fluid titanium technology, Castrol EDGE guarantees high mileage and maximum performance. It works for the oil resistance and maintains the efficiency and power of the vehicle when it ages. 

It allows minimal friction to affect the engine thereby retaining the performance. The fuel efficiency is achieved by the optimum lubrication and flow of the oil. 

The titanium present in the oil works under pressure to change its structure and keeps the metal apart. Thus tremendously reduces the friction.  


  • This engine oil brings out maximum engine performance
  • Increased oil film strength and reduced oil film breakdown
  • It provides better protection to the metal parts 
  • The fuel economy is improved 
  • It results in decreased sludge formation
  • The oil burn-offs and leaks are lessened 


  • Users have reported issues with packaging


We have provided you with the list of engine oils best suited for Hyundai Sonata. The engine oils mentioned in this list guarantees fuel-efficiency along with extended engine life. It also ensures that the problems caused due to engine knocking are prevented. These synthetic oils which come with additives help to reduce oxidation, thereby preventing corrosion. The list here provides specific oils taking into consideration the temperature which can affect the performance of Hyundai Sonata. Hence, the major driving condition is equally important when choosing the right engine oil to ensure better performance.



How often does Hyundai Sonata require an oil change?

Regular maintenance must be done to ensure good performance and fewer emissions. The engine oil and filter must be replaced every 7500 miles. 

How much oil does the Hyundai Sonata engine take?

The amount of oil required for Hyundai Sonata varies depending on the petrol or diesel variant. While it ranges between 4.3 to 4.6 liters in petrol variants, it runs between 5.9-6.7 liters in diesel variants.

How to change the oil in Hyundai Sonata?

To change the oil in your Hyundai Sonata, you’ll require the following.

  • Oil filter cap tool
  • Oil filter
  • Motor oil
  • Drainage pan
  • Filter Wrench
  • Funnel

Step 1: Park the vehicle on a flat surface and place the oil drain pan underneath.

Step 2: By using the dipstick, check the oil level

Step 3: Remove the fill cap

Step 4: Locate the oil filter and drain bolt which is under the engine in front of the vehicle

Step 5: Remove the drain bolt and the washer

Step 6: Drain the oil completely 

Step 7: Reinstall the drain bolt after placing a new washer on it 

Step 8: Using a filter wrench loosen the filter, remove the oil filter, and drain the excess oil if any

Step 9: Apply new engine oil to the oil filter gasket

Step 10: Install new filter and then pour the engine oil into the engine using a funnel

Step 11: Check the oil level again with a dipstick

Step 12: Start the engine and stop 


We have brought you the best oils for Hyundai Sonata. All of our selected engine oils serve amazing benefits to the vehicle. The relentless daily commute becomes a lot smoother with these best choices. 

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