Best Oil For 3.6 Pentastar

Bring out the star performance from your Pentastar

Designed for the Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles, Pentastar 3.6 gasoline engine is an advanced engine by Chrysler. The usage of the apt oil can offer a long-lasting life and horsepower protection, cleaner pistons, and wear protection.

This article will help you navigate through the five Best Oil For 3.6 Pentastar engines that will enhance the life and performance of the engines. 

Product Oil type Viscosity SizeCheck Today’s Price
1.Castrol Edge Extended Performance 5W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic OilSynthetic 5W-20 5 QuartClick Here
2.Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor OilSynthetic 5W-205 QuartClick Here
3.Shell Rotella Gas Truck full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor OilSynthetic 5W-205 QuartClick Here
4. Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor OilSynthetic 5W-205 QuartClick Here
5. Valvoline Daily Protection Synthetic Blend 5W-30 Motor OilSynthetic5W-30 5 QuartClick Here

1. Castrol Edge Extended Performance 5W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Oil

best oil for 3.6 pentastar

This premium oil from Castrol is recommended for those vehicles that frequent roads that witness heavy traffic. It works well for both low and high-mileage cars and those which carry out functions like towing or hauling. High-performance driving is ensured under high and low-temperature conditions. 

The maximum strength under pressure is assured through fluid titanium technology. The protected engine life even at different driving conditions and speeds off-road is due to the reduced metal-to-metal contact. The oil film strength is increased to achieve this. Hence it increases the power of the engine due to reduced friction. 

This fully synthetic oil can work against viscosity breakdown. The oil thickening that is common at high temperatures is thereby avoided. 

The engine deposits are minimized to maximize performance. The engine wear is worked against similarly. 


  • This synthetic works to ensure maximum performance of your 3.6 Pentastar
  • It works well for vehicles that run inner-city
  • It ensures consistent performance in different driving or working condition of your vehicle
  • The oil ensures maximum work under pressure
  • It offers an increased oil film strength
  • It reduces metal to metal contact and the friction
  • The oil works against viscosity breakdown
  • The emission is reduced
  • This oil resists thickening at high temperatures
  • The engine deposits are minimized
  • It offers an enhanced wear protection
  • It boosts the engine performance
  • It is affordable


  • The fuel economy isn’t maintained well
  • Some users have reported difficulty in tampering with the seal 


This affordable synthetic oil from Castrol ensures the extended performance of your 3.6 Pentastar. The decent viscosity of this oil resists evaporation and reducing emissions. The tough seal is leakproof and the features of the oil ensure a power-packed performance of your 3.6 Pentastar.

2. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil


PurePlus Technology is Pennzoil’s patented gas to liquid technology that converts pure natural gas to synthetic oil. Thus, this motor oil is not made from crude but natural gas hence contains lesser impurities. 

There are quite a few features that boost engine performance and efficiency. The 5W-20 viscosity is the opted choice for 3.6 Pentastar. The additives in the oil provide engine protection against wear by working against sludge deposition in the engine. It reduces the metal to metal contact thereby reducing friction. 

The loss of power arises due to friction, extreme conditions, and pressure is tremendously reduced. 

The low-temperature protection and the consistent performance offer a quick start and volatility control at high temperatures. The extreme heat conditions are met with protection against oil oxidation and degradation. The horsepower is conserved as it works against engine wear and tear. 

The sludge protection contributes to a better fuel economy as well. The pistons are cleaner as the dirt is captured with the help of additives in the oil.


  • It is a premium yet an affordable choice
  • The oil contains fewer impurities as its made from natural gas
  • The horsepower is protected against the possible wear and tear
  • This engine oil prevents sludge formation and enhances the engine protection
  • This oil is a cleaner choice as it is made from natural gas
  • It maintains consistency in performance at high and low temperatures
  • The horsepower is protected
  • It enhances the fuel economy
  • The oil flow ensures cleaner piston


  • Some users suggest it doesn’t compensate for its many features


The most recommended oil for 3.6 Pentastar, this oil from Pennzoil comes with a bunch of features that enhance the engine performance. The premium quality of the oil and its ability to work under different temperature conditions. The consistency in high and low mileage cars and their affordability makes it a recommended choice. 

3. Shell Rotella Gas Truck full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil

This synthetic oil from Shell is an opted choice for vehicles of high and low mileage. For those who carry out a lot of heavy work like howling and towing, it works against the possible sludge formation and engine damage. 

It is an affordable choice that comes with anti-wear additives that reduces friction and the metal to metal contact. This aids the engine durability. 

The extreme temperature effects on the truck are worked against by the use of this oil.

This oil is ideal for vehicles that experience extreme conditions of temperature, heavy load, stop and go driving. 


  • It offers smooth performance under extreme temperatures
  • It assures horsepower protection for hauling and towing
  • The oxidation stability is improved
  • It improves engine life
  • The oil prevents sludge formation
  • It ensures minimal engine wear and tears


  • More efficient in heavy-duty vehicles 


This affordable all mileage oil is a good choice for 3.6 Pentastar engines, especially if the vehicle performs heavy-duty functions. An all-mileage oil,  it has the features to prolong the engine life even under varying temperature, pressure, and driving conditions and works well for trucks and if the vehicle frequently runs off-road trips.

4. Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil

This full synthetic base oil from Pennzoil meets the requirements for the smooth functioning of the 3.6 Pentastar engine. It is a high-quality product and made from natural gas. 

A clear choice to make this comes with added super active cleansing agents that will keep your engine clean. A clean engine with minimal dirt and deposits makes it durable and ensures engine longevity.  The pistons are cleaner in the engines that use Pennzoil Platinum Full synthetic 5W-20 motor oil. 

The engine is protected from the loss of power. The horsepower and torque, thus well maintained.

It ensures faster oil flow at lower temperatures and protects the properties of the engine at higher working temperature conditions. It also acts against low-speed pre-ignition which is a common abnormal combustion phenomenon. 


  • This oil contains fewer impurities than crude based oils
  • It is synthetic and derived from natural gas 
  • This engine oil enhances the fuel economy
  • This oil is more capable of reducing wear and tear than other comparable engine oils
  • Provides better protection from friction
  • It protects against abnormal combustion phenomenon
  • It is an affordable choice


  • Slightly priced heavy


With enhanced fuel efficiency and engine performance, this is a clean oil synthesized from natural gas instead of crude oil. The optimum functioning at both high and low temperature makes it an excellent choice and the reduced wear and tear make it a suitable option for the 3.6 Pentastar engines. 

5. Valvoline Daily Protection Synthetic Blend 5W-30 Motor Oil

This is a synthetic blend of motor oil that can go well with the 3.6 Pentastar engines. 

This provides your vehicle with adequate wear protection as it comes with detergents that prevent the sludge and deposit formation and thus increases the engine life. 

The additives in the oil will aid in the resistance of oil breakdown in higher temperatures. 

This oil which comes with a low-friction formula ensures improved fuel efficiency. 

It is the multi-viscosity and monograde formulations that protect in all climates and the latter which eases the functionality in warmer climates. 

The low friction technology of this oil improves the fuel economy. 


  • This is a cheaper option
  • It can act as a substitute for 5W-20 oils
  • The multi-viscosity and monograde formulations make it an all-rounder performer concerning climate
  • It works based on a non-friction formula
  • It boosts the fuel economy
  • The detergents prevent sludge formation
  • It comes with additives that resist oil breakdown at high temperatures
  • The engine working noise is reduced


  • Not a fully synthetic oil
  • It is not a good choice to stop and goes cars


This high-quality synthetic blend oil from Valvoline is the recommended choice for those vehicles that do not perform any heavy-duty functions. The wear protection and the smooth performance at different temperatures are a sure-shot feature of this oil. Hence, providing the user with high performance through a budget-friendly option.


How often does a 3.6 Pentastar require an oil change?

Though the oil change or the service intervals vary according to the vehicle, it is recommended to change the oil in 3.6 Pentastar in between every 5000 and 10000 miles and not exceeding 10000 miles. 

How much oil does the 3.6 Pentastar engine take?

This aluminum sixty-degree V6 engine can take 6 quarts of the 5W-20, 5W-30 motor oil. However, the amount of oil intake can vary according to the model and the year. 

The Chrysler 200 models have an engine oil capacity of  5.2 quarts. 

Dodge Charger which uses the same model takes 5.9 quarts of 5W-20 viscosity oil. 

The models of Jeep Wrangler after 2018 which has the 3.6 Pentastar engine uses the 0W-20 oil and have a capacity of 5 quarts. 

For the 3.6 engine used in Jeep Cherokee, the recommended oils are 5W-20, 5W-30 viscosity, and take 6 quarts of motor oil. 

How to fill oil on a 3.6 Pentastar engine?

Filling oil in vehicles that use a 3.6 Pentastar engine can vary according to the type of vehicle. Every oil change requires a filter change too and the smooth performance of this engine calls for MOPAR oil filters.  Here’s a general step-by-step instruction on how to change the oil on a 3.6 Pentastar engine.

  • Different Sockets for underbody cover bolts, oil filter, drain plug, and oil filter housing cap
  • Ratchet
  • Oil drain pan
  • New oil filter
  • Any of the suggested oil
  • Crescent wrench
  • Utility hook or flat head screwdriver
  • Funnel

Follow The Given Steps

Step 1: Jack your vehicle. This will allow enough room for you to work on. 

Step 2: Remove the bolts of the underbody panel.

Step 3: Remove the oil fill cap. 

Step 4: Place an oil fill pan under the car and take off the underbody panel.

Step 5: Using a socket remove the drain plug and drain off the oil.

Step 6: While the oil is draining the oil filter cap can be removed from the top using a complementary socket

Step 7: Remove the old oil filter and take off the old gasket on the filter. Use the dental hook to remove the O-ring. 

Step 8: Place the new O-ring in the exact groove as the old one.

Step 9: Install the new oil filter using an extended socket.

Step 10: Reinstall the drain plug.

Step 11: Using a funnel fill the engine oil and check the level using the dipstick.

Step 12: Reset the oil filter setting on the vehicle.


This article brings you the Best Oil For 3.6 Pentastar engines. All of our selected engine oils serve amazing benefits to the vehicle. The relentless daily commute and the off-road experience become a lot smoother with these best choices. 

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