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The right motor oil is essential to ensure smooth drives and engine longevity. The right oil will work towards reducing the stress on your vehicle, increasing the mileage, reducing the probable wear and tear. The right oil for your 350z will make a positive change in the performance of your vehicle. Though mineral and synthetic oils are suitable for this engine, the performance is also made sure by the viscosity of the oil at lower and higher temperatures as indicated. 

We bring to you the five best oil for 350z that let your engine run at its best, ensure long durability and reliability. 

Product Oil type Viscosity SizeCheck Today’s Price
1.Red Line 15304 5W-30 Motor Oil Synthetic 5W-301 QuartClick Here
2.Royal Purple ROY31140 10W40 High-Performance Street Motor Oil Synthetic 10W-401 QuartClick Here
3.Motul 300V 4T Competition Synthetic Oil – 10W-40 Synthetic 10W-404 LitresClick Here 
4.Mobil 1 FS European Car Formula Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-40 Synthetic 0W-405 QuartClick Here
5.Pennzoil 550046126 Platinum 5 quart 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil Synthetic5W-305 QuartClick Here

1. Red Line 15304 5W-30 Motor Oil

best oil for 350z

Red Line synthetic motor oil is a popular choice for 350z engines. The 5W-30 engine oil reduces the temperature of the engine. 

This oil comes with additives like zinc that offers wear protection and ester base stocks that assure stability and film strength of the oil. Higher the oil film strength, lesser is the friction due to the metal to metal contact.

It works well with high and low mileage cars. The extended drain intervals are a noted feature of this variety of oil which is achieved through the high detergency. This also ensures the cleanliness of the engine. 

Moreover, this oil increases the lubrication of hot metals when compared to other synthetic oils. This is a major reason for commendable oxidation stability and high-temperature resistance which improves the fuel economy and the engine life as well. 


  • It is a fully synthetic oil.
  • The ester formula makes it suited for various functionalities
  • This oil shows a good percentage of zinc
  • The oil offers  increased wear protection 
  • It is amongst the best synthetic oils with higher oil film strength
  • It ensures reduced friction
  • It improves the horsepower of the vehicle
  • This oil increases the lubrication of hot metals
  • It offers high-temperature resistance and low evaporation 
  • Good oxidation stability
  • This oil works well for both high and low mileage cars
  • The high detergency in the oil makes it a cleaner choice
  • The drain intervals are extended
  • It improves the fuel economy


  • It is available as a 1-quart package and is slightly expensive


This engine oil from Redline is an appropriate choice for 350 z engines as it offers a multitude of functionalities that ensures the cleanliness and durability of the engine. It is also a consistent performer when it comes to both high and low-mileage cars. 

2. Royal Purple ROY31140 10W40 High-Performance Street Motor Oil

This high-performance motor oil from Royal Purple is a sureshot choice for 350z engines for vehicles that are used for racing or daily commute. The oil is fortified with additives like Synerlec which predominantly works against possible engine wear that arises from the stress. It makes the oil extra slippery thereby reducing the friction. 

This engine oil is resistant to high temperatures as it maintains an optimum level of heat even when the engine is revving hard. 

The synthetic nature of the oil makes it work for the engine longevity and high performance of the engine. The viscosity of this oil increases with the increase in pressure. This will significantly work against the metal to metal contact which is bound to occur at such driving conditions.

Thus, it has a unique way of protecting against engine wear and tears along with the anti-wear additives in the oil. 

It ensures maximum horsepower and torque as it improves the sealing between the piston ring and the cylinder wall. 

The advanced solvency of this oil removes the deposits and keeps them clean.

The improved oxidation stability of this oil ensures better oil life and extended drain intervals. This oil is supremely capable of resisting any possible deterioration of the engine. 


  • The additive technology offers anti-wear protection.
  • It improves the fuel economy.
  • It is capable of lowering the friction coefficient.
  • The oil works against low-speed pre-ignition.
  • It not only protects the engine from possible corrosion but also the exhaust emission equipment.
  •  The oil ensures a clean engine
  • The optimum level of heat at higher temperatures.
  • The proportionally increasing viscosity at high pressure also protects the engine.


  • This oil too is slightly expensive


This high-quality protective engine oil provides excellent protection against engine wear and tear. It also provides smooth performance and enhances horsepower. 

3. Motul 300V 4T Competition Synthetic Oil – 10W-40

Though this oil is commonly used by motorcyclists, it can be used in 350z engines without a second thought as it ensures consistent performance on acceleration and idle. 

It has the ability to clean the engine, removes the dirt, and improves the throttle response. 

The ester blend of this synthetic oil ensures a premier increased oil film strength that works on decreasing the coefficient of friction. Thus the engine life is prolonged. 

It is loaded with a UV reactive dye which gives it a fluorescent green color that helps in spotting if there are any oil leaks.


  • This oil constantly lubricates the engine parts.
  • The oil minimizes the heat produced by the engine.
  • It has an oil film strength five times the normal oils.
  • The ester synthetic blend works well for high speeds
  • It ensures minimal friction between the metal parts
  • The smooth-shifting leads to stress reduction on the parts
  • It improves fuel efficiency.
  • The throttle response is improved as it cleans the engine.
  • The fluorescent color helps to spot leaks easily


  • This engine oil is expensive


Though an uncommon choice, it is a suitable choice for 350z engines. It boosts the cleanliness, and lubrication and ensures the longevity of engine life. 

4. Mobil 1 FS European Car Formula Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-40

This synthetic motor oil from Mobil works well for extreme temperature conditions. It works consistently at temperatures as low as -40 degrees F and as high as 500 degrees F. Thus start-up lubrication is ensured.

It is the oil thickeners that enhance the thickening capacity of the oil as it resists viscosity shear down. The friction is reduced, so is the engine tear. This in turn results in more mileage and better fuel economy. 


  • This oil works well for all climates, especially cold climates.
  • It resists viscosity shear down
  • The oil has thickeners that help it retain the thickening capacity
  • It provides instant start-up lubrication 
  • The fuel economy is improved
  • The engine is quieter in function
  • The mileage is increased hence the fuel economy
  • The oil prevents sludge formation
  • It is affordable


  • The packaging is not up to the mark
  • Requires an oil change after 5000 miles
  • There have been complaints about receiving the oil without the specified quantity


This oil is designed to boost the performance of 350z engines that experience extreme temperature conditions while driving. The optimal viscosity control and the minimal wear and tear of the engine make it a promising choice for engine oil. 

5. Pennzoil 550046126 Platinum 5 quart 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

This is a classic engine oil which is the most frequently used oil in 350z engines. Pennzoil’s PurePlus technology is a  patented gas to liquid technology that converts pure natural gas to synthetic oil. Thus, this motor oil is not made from crude but natural gas hence contains lesser impurities. 

By providing a thicker layer of protection between the engine parts, reduces friction and enhances lubrication. The longevity of the engine life is ensured through this. 

The additives in the oil provide engine protection against wear by working against sludge deposition in the engine. The engine cleanliness is maintained next to the factory level cleanliness. 

It contributes to a better fuel economy as well. The pistons are cleaner as the dirt is captured with the help of additives in the oil.  

The oil is affordable and also comes with the feature of resistance to colder temperatures, ensuring smoother flow thereby smoother cold start of the vehicle. Also, it doesn’t evaporate at higher temperatures hence, an optimum choice for driving under different weather conditions. 

It also removes the excess heat from the engine thereby preventing overheating. 


  • This oil works excellently towards the resistance towards temperature variations.
  • It provides a quick cold start.
  • This oil avoids the overheating of the engine.
  • It is purely synthetic and derived from natural gas.
  • This oil offers a thick layer of protection between metal parts.
  • It reduces friction and increases lubrication.
  • The oil provides a cleaner piston and an engine with considerably less sludge.
  • The fuel economy is enhanced.
  • It is affordable.


  • There are reports of increased oil consumption.
  • This oil cannot be used on gasoline and diesel engines.


This is stable engine oil that is entirely synthetic and is able to boost mileage in your vehicle exceptionally. 


How often do 350z engines require an oil change?

While the older engines will require an oil change every 3000 to 5000 miles, the newer ones will require a change between 10000 to 15000 miles. The use of conventional oil will follow the former while the use of synthetic oil will follow the latter. 

How much oil does a 350z engine take?

This engine can hold up to 5 quarts of the specified oil. 

How to change the oil in a 350z engine?

Changing the oil in a 350z engine is a relatively simple task. It will require the following materials. 

  • 10 mm socket ratchet
  • 14mm socket ratchet
  • Bolts
  • Spanner jack
  • Funnel
  • Oil drain pan

Follow The Given Steps

Step 1: Park your vehicle on a flat ground

Step 2: Jack your vehicle

Step 3: Remove the bolts from the undercover 

Step 4: Place the oil filter and the drain pan underneath

Step 5: Unscrew the oil filter cap

Step 6: Let the oil drain completely

Step 7: After the oil has completely drained, use the filter wrench to remove the oil filter

Step 8: Refill the engine oil with any of the suggested oils using a funnel. 

Step 9: Check the oil level using a dipstick


We have brought you the best engine oil for 350z engines. These works against the major issues that rob the engine of its performance and guarantee the enhanced working of the vehicle under different conditions that it could be exposed to. It ensures relentless working of the vehicle. 

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