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If the title is perhaps making you wonder, ‘why would anyone bother to read about oils for car engines?’ then this is written exclusively for you. The engine of your motor car is its nucleus, the center of activity. And if you are compromising with the way you take care of it, that means you are consciously jeopardizing your car. That is the reason why you must put a lot of thought into your choice of oil for your car engine.

In today’s market, plenty of brands are producing motor oils promising excellent engine performance and protection. However, the car you are using and the specifications that you need to consider will ultimately decide the oil that you choose for your junker.

This article covers the best five products out there best oil for s2000, one among the rare few automobiles that never went out of style.

The motor oil performs multiple functions; lubricating the engine, working along with the antifreeze in your radiator to ensure that the engine does not overheat, and act as a cleaner picking up any bit of dust or dirt that might deposit in the engine. Accordingly, motor oil contributes tremendously to the maximum efficiency of your car engine.

Oil Type for Honda S2000

There are different varieties of motor oils available out there from the good old conventional motor oil to the latest fully synthetic motor oil. Honda recommends a 10W- 30 motor oil for its engine, which means that the viscosity of the oil ranges from 10 in cold temperatures to 30 at normal operating temperatures.

Although Honda manufactured this heart-throb of a car only for a decade from the year 1999 and assumed the use of conventional motor oil, the synthetic oils that are abundantly available in the market now have proven to provide superior performance when compared to the former. Synthetic oils outplayed the conventional ones by 47% in the tests that were conducted. This is the reason for our undivided focus on synthetic oils in this article. 

 ProductOil TypeViscositySizeDescriptionCheck Today’s Price
1.Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic OilSynthetic10W-301 Quart- 6 PackBest for General UseClick Here
2.Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic OilSynthetic10W-305 QuartBest for High Mileage Click Here
3.Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic OilSynthetic5W-305 Quart- Single packBest for Cold WeatherClick Here
4.Royal Purple High Mileage Synthetic Motor OilSynthetic10W-305 QuartBest for General UseClick Here
5.Amsoil Signature Series Full Synthetic Motor Oil Synthetic5W-301 QuartBest for Cold WeatherClick Here

1. Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic Oil

best oil for s2000

This is one of the finest and easily accessible motor oils out there perfect for your Honda s2000. It is widely accepted as the best motor oil brand for the Honda S2000. It is uniquely engineered with fluid titanium technology which delivers top-notch protection for the critical engine parts and ensures optimal performance. The brand promises the strongest possible motor oils which increase the longevity of your engine.


  •   Decreases the engine deposit formation to help maximize engine response.
  • Consistently responds to the changing environments.
  •  Fully synthetic oil made entirely without the addition of crude oil.
  • Superior mechanical performance including increased gas mileage and reduced engine wear at extreme temperatures.
  • The oil provides a protective film around the engine parts.
  • The oil can be recycled as many times as you wish.


  •  Often costs more than conventional motor oil.
  • The tamper protection seal is rather tough, making it a little difficult to open.


The product performs great for all your engine needs. The oil gives solid protection to the engine and can handle any weather conditions. For synthetic oil, this is very economical and offers a lot in terms of quality. Your car can go on for many years without requiring replacement owing to the lubrication that resists the clashing of the engine parts.

2. Mobil 1 10W- 30 Advanced Full Synthetic Oil

This oil, recommended by car builders and experienced mechanics, is designed to protect and extend the life of engines over 75000 miles. It is highly reliable and of the best quality. The oil guarantees optimum operational engine efficiency. Compared to conventional oil, it contains a boosted level of seal conditioner that helps reduce leaks in high mileage vehicles. The anti-wear properties include the sludge deposition on the engine. It is extremely versatile and can be used on most cars.


  • Helps prevent the formation of harmful sludge.
  •  Helps prevent the formation of deposits on engine parts.
  • Controlling friction and wear on metal-to-metal engine parts.
  • Boasts incredible anti-wear properties in extreme temperatures.
  • Controlling oxidation to resist oil breakdown- up to 10000 miles between changes.
  • Full range of temperature protection.


  • Some users claim that it tends to burn a bit more than other oils.


The oil enhances the performance of the engine. The engine continues to run perfectly. The high-quality oil will ensure the protection of your car engine. Compared to other oils, you can feel the greater efficiency of the oil which lets you run your vehicle hassle-free. The oil is very easy to use and you do not need a professional to change the motor oil.

3. Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 5W- 30 Full Synthetic Oil


This oil is made for extreme performance, offering quality performance in extreme temperatures. It is the first synthetic motor oil made from natural gas, flowing faster in extremely cold temperatures and lower tendency to evaporate during extremely hot temperatures. It is created using a revolutionary gas-to-liquid process that converts natural gas into base oil. The oil is highly capable of preventing any form of deterioration that might occur to your engine. The fuel economy is also enhanced while using this oil.


  • Provides better fuel economy- drive on average an extra 550 miles per year
  •  It Helps protects engines from loss of power
  •  Keeps pistons cleaner than required by the industry standards.
  • Frequently recommended by a wide range of users.


  • Some users have expressed concerns over the durability of the containers.


The oil makes the engine run smoother than other synthetic oils. It enhances the performance of the engine and efficiently guards it against deposits of dirt and dust. You get the most out of your car just by making the choice of changing into this oil for your engine.

4. Royal Purple High Mileage Synthetic Motor Oil


The oil is specifically designed to minimize wear and restore lost performance in engines with more than 75000 miles. It is suitable for any average vehicle which makes it an often-sought brand. The friction is tremendously reduced thus ensuring good engine performance. 

The oil loss is prevented. The emissions are kept low as the catalytic emission system is protected. 


  • Reduces friction and metal-to-metal contact for peak engine performance.
  • Prevents the loss of oil and offers better oil efficiency.
  • Enhanced protection of the catalytic emission system.
  • Offers optimal performance in both old and new vehicles.
  • Compatible with most motor oils containing ethanol.


  • It is expensive
  • Some users do not notice any difference in performance by using this synthetic oil.


The product is worth every penny. The engine seems to run quieter and burn less oil compared to many other synthetic oil brands available in the market. However, it is hard to find locally, and online purchase is the better option.

5. Amsoil Signature Series 5W- 30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

 The brand stands out as they keep striving to set higher engineering benchmarks in their oils. The oil delivers engine protection and performance that blows the doors off the highest industry standards. It promises fifty more cleaning power compared to the other available brands. Furthermore, there have been proven results of extended periods of stop-and-go driving. It also prevents the possible corrosion of the engine.


  • Maximum protection and performance.
  •  Cutting-edge technology.
  • Made using polyalphaolefins and the best additives.
  • Not refined rather synthesized oil
  • Enhanced shear stability
  •  Rust and corrosion-resistant


  • Costlier than conventional oils
  •  Some users complained of receiving a different product through online purchases.


The oil is the best choice as it comes with a lot of additives that are formulated to meet the different needs of your engine. There will be zero formation of sludge inside the engine. Although the oil is a bit expensive, it helps to reduce the maintenance costs which is what matters in the long run.


What is the oil capacity of a Honda S2000 engine?

The oil capacity of a Honda S2000 engine is 4.8 liters or 5.07 Quarts US or 1.26 gallons US, although the oil capacity may vary depending on a number of factors.

How often should you service a Honda S2000 engine?

The engine should receive a service every 7500 miles or 12 months whichever is sooner. A full service each year efficiently reduces the risk of breakdown and helps maintain the value of the vehicle. Regarding oil change, synthetic oils can go much longer with oil change intervals between 12000 km to 24000 km.

What oil type is suitable for Honda S2000?

Although the Honda S2000 was first produced in the year 1999 till 2009, and the producers assumed the use of conventional oils with a viscosity of 10W-30, you can go with the flow and choose synthetic oils with the same specifications.

What is the best oil filter for a Honda S2000?

An OEM Oil filter (Honda Part No: 15400-PCX-004) is a highly recommended choice. For the ones looking for a cheaper alternative, Purolator ONE’s PL14459 oil filter is a great option.

When should you change the oil filter?

Replacement of oil filters with every oil change or every 6 to 12 months is recommended. They are relatively cheaper and the filter media can fracture over time. Fractures are also caused by high oil pressure and compression ratios.

How to change the motor oil in a Honda S2000 engine?

  • Required products
  • An OEM oil filter
  •  14 mm crush washer
  • 6 Quarts of your preferred 10W-30 oil
  • 17 mm socket with ratchet
  •  Mat or a long cardboard
  •  Proper oil filter wrench
  • Jack with jack stands
  • Rubber mallet
  •  Lint-free towels
  • Oil catch pan
  • Oil funnel
  • Torque wrench

Follow The Given Steps

Step 1: Place the socket on the oil drain bolt and knock the plug loose using the rubber mallet.

Step 2: While the oil drains, wipe off the plug and change the crush washer.

Step 3: Remove the oil filter by firmly placing the oil filter wrench over the end of the filter and turning it loose.

Step 4: Spread a little fresh oil on the rubber gasket inside the new filter.

Step 5: Place the new filter on the engine and using the oil filter wrench, tighten it at an additional 7/8ths of a turn.

Step 6: Thread in the oil plug with the new crush washer and torque the plug to 33 lb-ft.

Step 7: Pour in the new oil, pouring about 5.0-5.2 Quarts into the engine, then lowering the car and slowly keep on adding more oil until you reach the ideal amount.


The products recommended in this article will undoubtedly be helpful to break down your choices from the various options available on the market and will help you find the best oil for your Honda S2000 engine. All the brands that we have introduced have been consistent in bringing out the best products that will let you run your car smoother, longer.

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