Engine Light Came On After Oil Change

Most modern cars these days contain a check engine light which helps the owner of the vehicle realize that there is something wrong with their vehicle. This is done to prevent any permanent damage to the car and provide the user with a pleasurable experience. Engine light on is connected to various parts of the engine and the vehicle itself. This helps the system to keep an eye out for any faulty parts and deliver this information to the user.

We have made a detailed article to provide the user all the information regarding why the engine light came on after oil change. This will help the user to get a clearer picture and provide them with the necessary action to carry out further actions. It is also highly important to know all of these factors to keep the engine running and in a good shape. 

The user can now take their cars to a mechanic and check what is wrong with their vehicle or get full-body maintenance for a vehicle. These methods will automatically detect the problem with the vehicle and instruct the user if any repair or change is required to keep the vehicle running efficiently. Sometimes the Check Engine Light Came On After Oil Change in a car. This could happen due to various factors and should be looked after as soon as possible.

Why My Engine Light Came On After Oil Change

Various factors could result in Engine Light Came On After Oil Change. This is done by the car system to protect the engine from any permanent or serious damage. It can also save the car from wearing any part of the engine of the vehicle. Thus, making the user aware of any faulty or absence of parts present in the engine. This is done so the user can take their car or any vehicle to a professional and get it checked. This will provide the user with all the information related to the repair or maintenance required.

Engine Light Came On After Oil Change

False Alarm

But a user might ask why an Engine Light Came On After Oil Change. This could be due to many factors. One of the most common factors is that it is a false alarm as the sensors are still sensing that motor oil is absent in the vehicle. And thus needs to be filled as soon as possible. The user should not worry if this is the case as it may disappear in about one to five seconds.

This false alarm also happens due to a sudden shifty of oil. This happens when the user is getting an oil change and the previous oil is being removed while the new one is being poured into the engine. The sudden shift of oil triggers the sensors and will tell the user that there is a loss of oil in the engine. This may be accompanied by an oil indication signal as well. These signals should disappear after a while the car has been filled up again with oil.

Leakage of Oil

While the previous issue is not that frantic to pay attention to, if the indication sign does not go off after a while then it is an issue that the owner should look into. Usually, the engine light gets triggered if there is any kind of oil leakage in the engine. This could be due to various factors like some part inside the engine has worn off or broken while filling up new oil or removing the old one. This kind of situation requires the immediate attention of a mechanic and needs to be fixed as soon a possible. Ignoring this issue will cause some permanent damage to the vehicle and might also make the engine unfunctional or low performance.

Another possible factor in this situation is that the drain plug of the vehicle has not been attached properly. Thus, resulting in constant and rapid leakage of oil. This is detected by the sensors and indicated to the user by a check engine sign. This is done as the absence of motor oil will make the engine run without any lubrication. Hence, resulting in overheating different parts of the engine and making the engine break down after a while. 

Dirty oil being used

Another factor that could trigger the Check Engine Light Came On After Oil Change there is dirty oil being used inside the vehicle. Most modern sensors can detect this change. This modern vehicle also makes the user aware if there is any leakage happening and also puts content reminders when the motor oil gets too old that it needs an oil change to run the vehicle efficiently.

This will trigger the alarm system inside the engine and tell the user to get their oil changed. Sometimes the user fills up the vehicle due to less motor oil present inside the engine to prevent the engine from heating and damaging any crucial parts due to excessive friction. This is a great way to provide the engine with temporary care till they get that oil removed and replace it with a fresh version. But it will also result in triggering or keeping the check engine lights on till the oil has been replaced.

This situation will be tackled easily if the user just gets the engine oil changed. Hence, removing the sign and providing the user with the results that they were looking for. It is also all done for the safety of the engine and thus will protect the engine from any permanent damage. Thus, saving the user a lot of money to get it repaired later on by hiring a professional. Hence, keeping good care of the vehicle and making the user aware if they are tricked into buying old and weathered oil.

Absence of oil

The check engine light can also be triggered due to an absence of oil. This is one of the most common mistakes made by the owner. As they will not overfill the motor oil container inside the engine. This is a good habit as it might result in leakage, although if it is filled with very little oil. The sensors will detect that there is very little oil present inside the container and needs to be filled before the vehicle is running without any oil or lubrication. Thus, making the user aware of their mistake and demanding to be filled back up as soon as possible.

There might also be some leaking inside the container due to it being worn off thus resulting in triggering the engine light after getting an oil change. This situation will result in almost half of the oil being released and wasted and thus demanding the attention of the user. Hence, making the user aware of the problem and demanding a fix by bringing the vehicle to a mechanic. Thus, preventing any long-term damage to the vehicle or the engine. 

Wrong motor oil being used

The check engine light might also be triggered if the car is not filled with the right oil. As it might decrease the performance of the car. And might also result in it breaking down after a long term of use. This is a great feature provided by the vehicle system as there is no accurate way of telling if the right oil was used for the oil exchange. It is not an uncommon scene when most of the gas station owners pour a 2 stroke or conventional oil inside a 4 stroke or modern engine.

This might not seem like a threat in the short term. But will result in major problems and performance issues while using the wrong oil for a longer period. The wrong oil can do some serious damage to the engine and might result in the wearing of some crucial parts of an absolute breakdown. Hence, making it very important for the user to get another oil change and replace the wrong oil with the correct one to avoid repairing the car later on and saving it from any permanent damage.

Heating or Throttling Issues

Another factor for causing the engine light to be triggered is due to throttling and heating issues caused inside the Engine Light Came On After Oil Change. This could happen inside the engine due to many possible reasons. Like having the new oil with high viscosity, less oil being poured in, or using the wrong oil for the engine. Thus, making the check engine light to be turned on and making the owner aware of the situation. Hence, avoiding any serious damage to the engine and providing the user with a user-friendly experience.


We have done all the work and provided the user with a complete guide to why an Engine Light Came On After Oil Change. This article will make the user aware of all the faults or problems that might have occurred after an oil change. Hence, delivering the user with all the information they need to provide proper care and maintenance to their vehicle.

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