Transmission Fluid In Oil To Clean Engine

Vehicles are one of the most important machines in our day-to-day life. As they are highly essential to complete our daily needs and make it very easy for us to transport from place to place. Thus, making it highly important to constantly take care of them and assure the user with a stress-free and user-friendly experience. This is also done to extend the lives of the vehicles and provide the user with an efficient and durable product. 

To provide the user with a cost-effective way we have provided a complete guide on if transmission fluid in oil to clean engine. This will provide the user with all the necessary information and help them make the right decision for themselves. Thus, keeping the engine safe and also saving it from any permanent damage. It will also provide the user with all the steps to use this method. Hence, providing the user with a comfortable and relaxing experience.

The most common issue faced by any engine is motor oil getting slugged up inside it. This might cause some major technical and performance issues to the vehicle. This is caused due to the oil getting throttled inside the engine and causing the temperature to rise at alarming rates. Thus, requiring the user to provide proper maintenance to the vehicle and getting the engine deep cleansed of any oil remaining inside it. This could cost the user a fortune to get it done by a professional mechanic.

Does Mixing Transmission fluid With Oil Help Clean The Engine

The short answer to this query presented by any curious user is yes. Adding Transmission Fluid In Oil To Clean Engine with ease. It is not a myth or a lie when an experienced mechanic or driver suggests the user mix transmission fluid to their oil to deep cleans the engine of any trapped oil inside it. As it is a very old method of cleansing any old and weathered oil which managed to seep its way through the engine and damaging different crucial parts inside it. Although this way might not be too effective as compared to getting it repaired or cleaned by a professional mechanic.

It does solve the purpose and keeps the vehicle safe from any permanent damage. Doing this process regularly is not recommended as it might provide the user with some performance issues. A user can use this to provide a hotfix to their car if it has been acting up and the trapped oil is causing it to throttle and heat the entire engine while only running it for a few minutes.

The oil inside a motor acts as a lubricator and provides the engine to work efficiently without causing much heat. This mechanism can be obstructed due to a blockage or throttling occurring inside the engine. The user should be aware that the viscosity of transmission fluid is high and offers limited fluidity and lubrication to the motor when mixed with oil and poured inside the engine. And also transmission fluid tends to offer less power as compared to that of motor oils. Thus, can not be treated as a replacement for engine oils. As it might cause another permanent damage to the vehicle and cost the user a lot of money to get it repaired. 

Although all this said we are here to talk about the natural properties of transmission fluid to clean up the insides of an engine. This will take proper care of the engine and help provide it with proper maintenance. Thus, keeping it running smoothly and efficiently without any major complaints. It will also prolong the expiry date of an engine due to the constant care provided by the user and removing the dead oil from the engine.

Well to explain the process in a few words Transmission Fluid In Oil To Clean Engine muck free which occurs due to dead oil composition occurring inside of it. This is mostly dependent on the quality and quantity of oil used by the user inside their engines. Both the engine oil and transmission fluid offer different properties and will provide the user with interesting results while being mixed to clean the engine. 

Transmission Fluid In Oil To Clean Engine

The transmission fluid can be used in fewer amounts mixed with oil to clean out these chunks of deposited dead motor oil inside the engine. This will thoroughly cleanse the engine of any dirt or grease. Thus, providing the user with a clean and effective engine that is ready to run consistently for a longer period. This process is highly effective due to the unique property of transmission fluid. As they are highly evaporative and are great solvents. These conditions make them the best material to flush out all the deposited oil and keep the engine healthy and clean. 

Although transmission fluids are great for flushing out huge chunks of dead motor oil this process should be used continuously. As it can cause some serious damage to the mechanism or performance of the engine oil. Using this method too often might result in a decrease in performance and some major damage to the engine. Thus, costing the user a lot of money to get it repaired by a professional.

If a vehicle owner decides to do this method regularly it might result in jamming the gear levers of the vehicle. This is due to the high viscosity of the transmission fluid and it getting deposited into the engine and seeping through to different parts. Thus, doing more damage than good to the vehicle. 

We would recommend a cleanser degrease to get rid of all the grease and oil from the engine. Not only is this method highly effective, but it is also safe and can be done regularly. Thus, keeping the engine clean and providing the vehicle with high maintenance. It is also a cost-effective method as compared to getting it done professionally. The transmission fluid method should only be used in case of an emergency or for cleaning the car after long periods so there is no deposition of fluid inside the engine.

How To Use Transmission Fluid In Oil To Clean Engine

These steps will help the user to cleanse their car of any sludge present inside the engine. Hence, making the engine perform better and making it last for a longer period. It is also a cost-effective option that could be done to provide maintenance to a vehicle.

Steps to flush the engine using transmission fluid are:

Step 1- Drawing the present motor oil from the vehicle and removing the oil filter

The user must remove the present oil from the engine and remove the oil filter to pour the new mixture. This will flush out all the sludge and grease from the engine and provide the user with an efficient vehicle that will last the user for a longer period.

Step 2- Apply a new oil filter and add transmission fluid

The user must now apply a new oil filter and put ¼ transmission fluid inside their car with the rest of it being the basic motor oil that they use. This is going to act as the mixture to clean and flush out all the dead oil from inside the engine. Hence, providing the engine with constant care and maintenance at a cheap price.

Step 3- Starting the engine and keeping it running 

The next step is to start the engine and leave it on for the next 15 minutes. This should be done without moving the vehicle. Thus, the user must keep the vehicle intact at its location and let it be deeply cleansed by the mixture for effective results.

Step 4- Drain the mixture from the engine

The next step is to drain or flush the fluid from the vehicle and remove the filter that the user used to pour the mixture. This should be done before the next step as if forgotten it will do some serious damage to the vehicle and make it perform less. It might also damage some parts of the vehicle and might require some professional repair.

Step 5- Pouring new oil

The last and final step is to pour new oil inside the engine. If the user has a modern vehicle a  synthetic oil should be used as it is better in quality and will make the vehicle last for a longer period. After this, the process must be complete and the user must be good to go with their almost brand new vehicle. The user might be able to see a noticeable difference in the performance. As the vehicle will no longer heat or throttle. Hence, providing the user with a deep cleanse and maintenance at such a cost-effective range.


We have done all the work and provided the user with all the answers to their query that if Transmission Fluid In Oil To Clean Engine. Thus, providing the user with a clearer picture and helping them take proper care of their vehicle. Hence, providing them with a comfortable and pleasant experience.

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