The Best Oil For 370Z

Find the best oil for 370z

You can’t think about a smooth ride in your car without maintaining its engine which is any car’s pivotal part. Taking care of the engine is equivalent to finding the best oils for it. During these days, researchers claim that the pressure in the engines has doubled. When it comes to the case of Nissan 370Z, which is rated as the best sports car series of the times, extra care for the quality of the oil is uncompromisable. Usually, it is highly recommended to use an oil of viscosity range 5W-30 for the engine.

We have for you, the best quality oils for Nissan 370Z which can help to enhance the engine performance and thereby offer you a trouble-free ride for years.

The best oil for Nissan 370Z

 ProductOil typeViscositySizeCheck Today’s Price
1.Red Line Full Synthetic Ester OilSynthetic5W-304 QuartClick Here
2.Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic Motor OilSynthetic5W-301 QuartClick Here
3.Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor OilSynthetic0W-405 QuartClick Here
4.Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic Oil Synthetic0W -301 QuartClick Here
5.Royal Purple Synthetic OilSynthetic10W-301 QuartClick Here

 1. Red Line Full-Synthetic Ester Oil

best oil for 370z

Red Line oil is the most popular oil for today’s motor needs. It is designed specifically for most modern models of BMW, Nissan Vehicles, and General Motors. This oil range also has the widest variety of viscosity, with its full-synthetic ester formula.

This oil also possesses a thick film at operating temperature. Moreover, all products of this range have the feature of compatibility which makes them very user-friendly. Since this oil has less evaporation with respect to other oils, the rate of efficiency is very high.

This range is designed to avoid all those hindrances of lubricity and is designed to give the best performance by providing more power, protection, cleanliness, and quality drain intervals. Above all, the oil caters to fuel economy and the composition of polyol ester stocks takes the product to the zenith of quality.


  • This oil helps to improve protection and efficiency.
  • It offers a high level of compatibility.
  • High-temperature stability.
  • Lubrication of hot metal compared to other synthetics.
  • This oil features improved ring seal, cleanliness, and superior drain intervals.
  • The oil shows excellent protection against wear and friction.


  • Some reports have claimed this oil to be highly expensive.
  • Incompatible with the oil sensor in certain cases.
  •  This oil doesn’t offer much difference in performance compared to other ordinary oils.


Ignoring the negligible number of negatives, Red Line Oil, and its fully synthetic ester range is a boon to the modern automobile industry providing maximum efficiency and fuel economy.

 2. Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil

Amsoil Signature Series oil is the most recommended oil when it comes to the range of sporting cars like Nissan 370Z. It is claimed that no other oil provides such an immense amount of protection like this one. This oil reduces wear and tear and gives you a ride without tension.

This oil has twenty-eight percent more acid neutralizing power when compared to other oils. Interestingly, this oil fights viscosity breakdown and at the same time resists viscosity increase. Moreover, this oil helps in keeping the engine clean and tackle it against sludge deposition.

Amsoil stands out because of its unbeatable assurance for a smooth ride and it also fights volatility and its features are well suited for a brand like Nissan.


  •  It offers no breakdown feature and maintains the oil consistency.
  • The oil has improved cleaning power. 
  •  It offers high-level protection reducing wear and tear.
  •  It fights irregularities of viscosity.
  • The oil maintains the pistons cleaner compared to other oils.


  • The packaging of the oil in the gallon bottle seems to be problematic since the flow of the oil becomes uncontrollable.
  • On very rare occasions, the engine using this oil becomes noisier in cold weather.


Considering the balance of pros and cons, it is clear-cut that Amsoil is highly recommended, considering its safety measures, performance, and inbuilt features.

3. Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil

 If you are looking for an oil that will keep your engine running in all conditions, then Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil is the perfect choice for you. This incredible oil is designed for the latest diesel and gasoline engine technology and it provides protection, renders excellent performance rates. Moreover, this oil has the added benefit of delivering high cleaning power.

It has the European Car Formula and readily meets the standards of today’s automobile needs. This oil, which has the demanded frictional properties aids in fuel economy and it is beyond doubt that this oil helps to keep the engine squeaky clean.

This oil meets the demands of changing temperatures and smoothens the ride even in the harshest conditions. Above all, this oil is a perfect blend of ultra-high performance base stocks combined with perfectly balanced components.


  • This oil caters to the needs of Original Equipment Manufacturer approvals.
  • It surpasses the extreme driving conditions.
  • The engine performance is ensured par excellence.
  • The maintains the cleanliness of the engine. 
  • It comes with features that aid engine protection at start-up.


  • The quality of the container is average.
  • Tampered packing has been reported. 
  • Reports have also been made of less quantity of oil in the 5 Quart bottle.


In the rising standards of the present-day automobile industry, Mobil 1 Synthetic oil is the need of the hour as it can cope with the extremely harsh driving conditions and temperature demands.

4. Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic Oil 

 This oil is the ideal choice if you are looking for an oil that is apt for cold weather. This oil is designed in such a way as to flow like 0W oil in cold temperatures, but at the same time can have a viscosity of 30W once it reaches the maximum operating temperatures.

Cars requiring European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) specification mostly use this oil. This oil can flow quickly thereby offering better protection for engine components and is able to withstand the pressure needs.

This oil has fluid strength technology which maintains the strength of the engine 140 hours longer. It also maintains the friction level and protects the engine even under extreme pressure.


  • This oil reduces friction by fifteen percent.
  •  It is fortified with titanium for maximum engine performance.
  • The oil ensures quick and easy flow.
  • It reduces metal to metal contact across a range of different speeds.
  • The oil decreases the engine deposit acquisition thereby increasing the performance.
  • The oil usage guarantees extra strength. 


  • This oil is not ideal for diesel and gasoline engines.
  • The availability of the oil seems to vary sporadically.


Considering all the factors, Castrol Edge oil is the best choice in synthetic oils that is worth buying and in offering the best performance.

5. Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

 Royal Purple Synthetic oil makes your car run better and smoother. With the composition of Synerlec additive technology, it is found to meet the demands of an increase in the oil pressure and protects the engine. It can run for a good 11000 miles before it needs to be changed.

This oil increases the horsepower too. There has been a visible notice of smoother acceleration using this oil. The engine runs perfectly quietly with this oil.

The oil acts as a premium lubricant and can save you money for engine maintenance. When combined with the Royal Purple oil filter, it guarantees an extra hike in performance as well.


  • The oil ensures better start-up in the morning.
  • It promotes power and fuel economy.
  • The oil features feasibility to different temperatures.
  • The engine appears less noisy using this oil.
  • The oil drain intervals are extended. 
  • It offers better performance and superior protection.
  • It fights against engine wear.


  • It is an expensive choice.  
  • It looks comparatively dirtier.


Though the oil is expensive, it is worth a buy because of its superior features than the other conventional oils.


What is the mileage of the Nissan 370Z?

The mileage of the Nissan 370Z is 10.0 km per liter for automatic transmission and 11.0 km per liter for manual transmission.

What is the fuel tank capacity of Nissan 370Z?

 This car comes with a capacity of 72 L.

What about the powertrains and performance of the car?

The Nissan 370Z series (except the Nismo models) take the power from a 3.7 L V6 engine producing 270 pound-feet of torque and 332 horsepower.

How often should the oil in the engine be replaced?

  It totally depends on the user. Nissan 370Z is designed mainly for people who look forward to riding to a sheer piece of joy and excitement rather than as a mere act of mechanical activity. With the higher level of power inherent in the engine, the car offers high acceleration. It can effortlessly cross the limit of 100kmph within a very small fragment of time. The performance which the car offers is incomparable. The engine also enables the car to achieve the top speed limit of 257kmph. However, on a standard note, the Nissan 370Z series tend to run smoothly for a minimum of 5000 miles.

How to change the oil in Nissan 370Z?

The oil change is quite a piece of cake. It can be effortlessly done by anyone who has the equipment. It is totally subjective when to change the oil. Oils like Royal Purple can make the engine run to a distance of 11,000 miles.

A few types of equipment are required for carrying out an oil change in a Nissan Titan:

  • 16mm bolt, 10mm bolt, 14mm bolt
  • 5-quart oil of your choice
  • Jack and jack stand
  • Oil drain pan
  • Wrenches
  • Sockets
  • Oil filter
  • Oil crush washer

Step 1: Park your vehicle flat and jack it.

This is done to ensure extra room for work underneath.

Step 2: Locate the reservoir 

Remove the undertray and carefully using the 16mm and 10mm bolts. Locate the reservoir underneath and using the 14mm bolt, remove the oil drain plug and thereafter remove the oil filter. 

Step 3: Drain the oil 

The removal will drain the oil. Let it drain completely. 

Step 4: Replace the oil filter

While you patiently, wait for the oil to completely drain, proceed to put the new filter and drain plugin. 

Step 5: Fill the oil

Fix the funnel, add the recommended oil in the engine, and replace the oil filler cap. Fill it with 5 quarts of oil if you find the quantity correct. If not, reduce the amount of oil accordingly.

Step 6: Reset the oil indicator

Start and stop the engine. Clean the dipstick and check the oil level again using the dipstick. If the oil is below the full line repeat it. Reset the oil indicator.


Nissan’s range of cars has the legacy and quality of several years and we find it quintessential for you to choose the right oil for better performance and protection and to offer you a hassle-free ride. Since it is a high-performance sports series car range, the quality of oil used inside is highly critical and important. Oils like Royal Purple, Red Line Signature series, Mobil 1, Amsoil, Castrol Edge are well suited for the engine. However, of all the five oils, a majority of riders prefer the Amsoil and the Mobil 1 range as it is suited for cold weather as well. 


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