Wrong Oil In Car Symptoms

Engine oil is the life source for your vehicle, if it is not there, your car will not be able to provide you with its best performance at all. To ensure that your car can deliver a good performance, the oil that you are using needs to be a good one. If you are using the wrong oil in your vehicle, you will face a lot of difficulties, and your car will also not perform at its best.

If you are using the wrong oil and have no idea about it completely, there will be some symptoms shown by your engine as well as your vehicle. You need to identify those symptoms and make sure that you are not continuing with the same.

In this article, we will be discussing in detail the wrong oil in car symptoms. This is a very important aspect of using a vehicle and the right oil with it to enhance the overall performance of the car and make sure that there are no damages or issues with the same.

Wrong Oil In Car Symptoms- 5 symptoms about wrong oil in the car

If you are using the wrong oil in your vehicle, it is possible that you will face several issues with the performance of the same and these will be the indicators or the Wrong Oil In Car Symptoms that you are not using the right oil in your car. Below we have discussed the Wrong Oil In Car Symptoms that you will witness if you are using the wrong oil in your vehicle

Difficult in starting the vehicle in cold weather

If you are unable to start your vehicle in cold weather and are facing difficulties in it, the oil viscosity of your oil may be too high that is making it too thick in such a weather condition. Due to this, you will be unable to start your vehicle properly in the cold weather and will go through several difficulties in doing so. This happens because when the oil becomes too thick, it does not have the properties to lubricate all the parts well so that engine can work smoothly at once. This can be one most common symptoms that can tell you that you are using the wrong oil.

Witnessing oil leaks

If you are using synthetic oil instead of conventional oil in your vehicle that is a bit old or has higher mileage, you may observe a few oil leaks in the engine of your vehicle. This happens because the flow characteristics of synthetic oil and conventional motor oil are different. The flow characteristic of synthetic oil is very much and this is why they can flow through tight parts, unlike the motor oils.

This is a condition that will not cause some severe damage to your vehicle but will affect it gradually. You might notice oil drops where you park your vehicle and there will also be a burning smell while you use your car. This is when you know that you need to change the synthetic oil of your vehicle and switch to the conventional motor oil that is better to be used with your vehicle.

Burning smell

When the hot oil viscosity of the oil you are using is not very high and it starts to melt down under hot conditions, the lubricating property of the oil will get decreased and it will not provide proper lubrication to the parts of the vehicle at all. The engine parts if not lubricated properly will result in a lot of malfunctioning of the same. This will in turn result in the engine oil being burnt when the engine is in use.

The excess friction between the parts of the engine gives way to such a situation and with time, this can adversely affect the functioning of your engine and its parts. When the oil is burnt and is leaked, there is a smell of burnt oil that is produced and you will know that there is some damage occurring to the engine of your vehicle.

Bad fuel economy

If the oil you are using for your vehicle is too thick, the mileage of your vehicle will suffer from a great value. This is because the resistance between the parts of the engine increases as the oil is too thick to lubricate all the parts well and the increase in the resistance results in a lower fuel economy. Although, it does not causes any major damage to the engine of your vehicle but will result in more and more expensive if you do not switch to another oil.

If you are observing that the fuel economy of your vehicle is suddenly dropping down and the consumption has also increased, it is possible that the oil you are using is too thick and needs to be changed.

Engine making a ticking sound

If you hear your engine making a ticking sound when you start your vehicle and it tends to decrease gradually, this means that the oil you are using is of the wrong weight and you need to get it changed completely. If the oil you are using is of a heavier weight, it will not provide proper lubrication to the various parts of your engine and will cause them to rub against each other.

The noise that you hear is of the heavy metals and parts of the engine that rub against each other when you start the engine. The valve filters too hit the other parts and this is what makes a ticking sound. To solve this problem, you need to switch to oil having a different viscosity. This is how you can deal with such a situation and this is one of the major symptoms that you will get to notice if you are using the wrong oil.

Wrong Oil In Car Symptoms

Things you should not do that can destroy your engine health

Apart from using the wrong oil, there are some other things as well that you should not do to make sure that your engine health is not damaged and it can deliver a good performance.

Mixing oils having different weight

Mixing two oils having different weights and viscosities will not do any major harm but will also hinder the smooth functioning of your engine as well. The viscosities of both the oils are different and when mixed, the final value also differs and you will not know how much is it. It is recommended to use an oil with the viscosity suggested for use and not indulge in doing such experiments.

Mixing synthetic oil with conventional motor oil

If you are mixing the synthetic oil with the motor oil, you are not fetching any benefit out of it. Instead, you are only decreasing the value of the expensive synthetic oil when you mix it with motor oil and this hampers the quality of the oil as well. Synthetic oil has a lot of benefits and when you mix the conventional motor oil in the same, even the benefits of the synthetic oil are decreased and the engine faces problems in working with such an oil.

Mixing oils of different brands

Mixing two or three oils of different brands will affect the working of your engine because of the change in the viscosities. If you are mixing the engine oils of different brands, they will have different viscosities and if the final viscosity does not result to be the one that is good for the working of your engine, it might cause certain problems and damage your vehicle. This is why you should not mix the oils of two or more brands as it might result in something that is not good for your engine.


Using the wrong oil in your car can affect the working of your vehicle a lot and can also disturb the working of the engine of your vehicle. It is important to use the right type of oil with your vehicle if you want to fetch the best performance from it and want your engine to last long. When you are using the wrong oil with your engine, you will witness a few symptoms that will tell you that something with your oil is wrong and you need to change it.

The fact that you need to use the right oil for your vehicle cannot be stressed upon much and if you fail to do so, you will face a lot of problems with the working of your engine. So, if you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your vehicle or engine, you must check whether the oil you are using is good or not. And if you find out that you are using the wrong one, make sure to change it right away to get the best performance from your vehicle and engine. 

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